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Britney related xmas presents


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I remember someone created a thread like this last  year but cant find one created this year. first of all, merry Christmas everyone!! hope you've all had a fab day

what Britney related presents did you all get. I just got

1. official 2019 calendar

2. Prerogative perfume

lets just hope by next xmas we'll have B10 :bedtime:

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My friend had custom blankets made for me through some website!! One is an awesome picture of Brit on stage during POM and the other is a smaller size (throw size) and its a collage of a bunch of different photoshoots/video looks/etc! 

I was very surprised when I opened them! Definetly some awesome presents!! This is the friend I went to POM with this summer. Who would've thought she would become a total stan:ohi:

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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday :) 

I got Island Fantasy! It’s one of my fave perfumes from her and my bottle ran out so I got another one. 

And when I opened the present my sister said to me ‘doesn’t she have more perfumes than albums nowadays?’ :gloria: 

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