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She really served looks that day


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29 minutes ago, kasavas said:








She looked so great here, I feel this look doesn't get praised enough!

I strongly dislike the domination announcement look, especially compared to this. The hair length, the makeup, the classy outfit, her mood, it all looked so good! :mcry:

I agree with everything tbh, i mean she looked great for the Domination "announcement" (:jj:) but this is easily a better look!

P.S. she should have performed the first shows with her hair like that, NOT with those cheap ugly wigs that she wore during the shows :bichpls:

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She looked better there because she havent overdone her lip injections. She used to have little lip injections on her front lip not on the side lips....

But now her botched lips bothers me everytime.

Just like the slumber party duck lips of some sort...


That side lip injection is terrible.


this one also... her face is weird as ****! Its like, thats not f**king britney spears! Thats a man with wigs! ???


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I absolutely love this look, i would have darken the hair a couple tones and shorten the dress a couple inches but aside from that she look phenomenal.

The hair length is so good on her, the face looks great, almost like primeney in some of the similing photos, she honestly looked so good.

Maybe it’s just me, but these photos always remind me of that ITZ CD signing event where she was with a beige top and jeans, dunno why.

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