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Would you have become a fan if Glory was her debut album?


Would you have become a fan if Glory was her debut album?  

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A lot of the songs are great, she uses her voice in many different ways (Liar is different than Slumber Party - it's unfortunately true also for Private Show), you have an interesting range of type of songs. It's a great album, except the lack of singles (2 will never be enough) and the lack of promo.

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I think it’s still a solid album despite the fact that it follows trends rather than setting them. It was of that time period, maybe even a little late :embarrassed:


However, if that was her debut, I’d really hope she still came through with an ITZ/Blackout:yesplease:


Don’t think I would stan unless she changed the course of pop music and had the influence she’s actually had. If she followed the course of Katy Perry or similar, I’d be a fan but consider her basic and good for the hits but not much else :kesha:

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3 hours ago, Stannedforever said:

:zoomzoom: Glory is better album than BOMT (exluding singles) so if we got 5 singles (one which is remixed), and 5 great music videos, then sure. If glory era was like this and it was her first era then no. 

I Will Be There, I'll Never Stop Loving You >> Glory 

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I don’t think so. The visuals lack excitement and the performances were just fine. The album is ok but nothing really stands out.

I mean, I fell in love with Britney after her performance at 2003 VMAs. This would’ never happened if the first performance I ever saw from her was the 2016 lackluster one, sorry Brinny :britdrown:

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