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POM Dancer talks about what Britney is like

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Especially when meeting new people, I can imagine her being even more protected and slightly awkward and distant in those situations, but I'm happy to hear that she's still a sweetheart.

It most likely has something to do with her anxiety as well, because with anxiety it's always very hard to meet new people and get used to them, but over time she'll probably loosen up and be more open 


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She’s their machine. There it is. It’s the truth. Sad. I understand protecting Britney but they shelter her too much and it’s not good for her. Imo it keeps her more boxed in and distant and further causes her social anxiety because she doesn’t know how to be natural around people.


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The Britney fans in that twitter thread are insane. He didn’t say anything wrong. He spoke the truth. It’s not like he shaded her. He just said what he experienced. People think he was expecting them to be BFFs but he never said that. He was just saying that Rihanna was more open to being friends with her dancers. Britney used to be like that.

i think he emphasized that her team is the one that’s doing that not Britney herself.

he is also one of the sweetest dancers. He’s the one that brought the slayage out when they did the Janet choreo together.

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This makes me wonder, from videos we see her laughing, talking, joking around with them on stage but it makes you wonder what goes on after/before the show. I get they dont want them to become close with her but like.. theyve all been dancing with her for 5 years, after a certain amount of time there shouldve been some slack, It goes both ways but its just sad how shes overcome so much and made the right choices yet she still has to be controlled in some type of way.. I just hope shes not so secluded to where it makes it awkawrd for everyone

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1 hour ago, CuriousaboutBrit said:

This makes me sad cause in the old days her dancers used to be very close to her. I think that also translated to better on stage chemistry. 

Exactly! I remember that on the DVD "Britney: Chaotic" Brit had her camera and she recorded the conversations between her and her dancers about "commitment and marriage" and honestly, if i didn't know that they were her dancers i would have thought that they were her best friends because of how open she was with them... It's kinda sad to hear that these days she's like... different! But idk i don't blame her, i understand her tbh but it still sad... :(

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Machine. Wall up. Not like Rihanna who gets personal with her dancers. That’s fine I guess I mean we know this right. I feel like the girl in the interview wanted to say Britney is a shell of herself or like a shadow of what she once was. But I love current Britney and I have hope and faith and love towards what she is becoming now! She’s bringing energy, fitness, stability and also dealings with anxiety which I feel inspirational. She da bomb and she’s hot af. 

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5 minutes ago, RafaParker97 said:

actually she is close to some dancers 

we've already seen her hanging out with willie and adrien galo recently

She reunited with Adrien? :pumped: We haven't seen them work together since 2011! And Willie's probably one of the closest to her, she's always supporting his music career, and he's always praising her.

But to talk about this video, I don't see anything wrong with it? She's a sweetheart, but her team keeps her from forming strong attachments to the dancers. It makes sense, considering her history of having affairs with dancers/choreographers like Wade and Columbus and Kevin and even Chase. But it's sad, because I think a woman in her mid-30's should have the option to speak with whoever she chooses to.

That interviewer isn't wrong at all, though. Britney's lost all of her confidence that she had back in the day.

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Britney knows exactly what she is doing. I am 25, I am no boss but I have learned that you have to be nothing more than typical with your colleages and not get close. Better professional, with walls around you than friendly because you have no idea what they can get from you.

I will forever support with all my heart that Britney is a powerful and smart person, who has earned her success because of her talent and mind. Especially since 2008. This opinion is controversial inside this fanbase but it is what it is.

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This further proves that her Dad doesn't truly care for her and only cares for the money.  If he did, he would understand that her team is actually holding her back from her creative expression and furthering her career.  Multiple people, including this dancer, have stressed her team is boxing her in. By making her a 'machine', and sheltering that machine, it only causes more social anxiety because it's hard to build trust with anyone outside her inner circle. She's probably so used to it by now, that she just goes with it now and doesn't care to retaliate. 

Maybe her Dad has good intentions with it, because he doesn't want her to easily trust people like she did before and get hurt and into that dark situation again, so he's protecting her. But they really need to loosen the chains at least a little bit.

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