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Watch Britney Dance To "Coupure Électrique" & "Do You Wanna Come Over" At Domination Rehearsals

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1 hour ago, PokemonSpears said:

That part and the way they filmed it really made me crave for a DYWCO video more than ever. That will look weird and silly onstage, but for a music video with a shot from above would look dope.

I don't even like DYWCO but this rehearsal clip got me excited to see Britney perform it. :yesplease: I don't remember the bass being that heavy either.

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3 hours ago, G-unit said:

Ok first off **** all the Debbie *** downers.  This looks awesome to me!  DYWCO looks A MILLION times better than what she did on POM.  Love the sheet, especially the part where they were pulling her through the dancers legs.

The Slave remix is badass AF and she is literally f**king that stage...which is a good thing.  And CE!?  **** YES!  On top of that...she literally looks so passionate about this.  I don’t care if we don’t get amazing choreography.  As long as the choreography flows (a lot of POM didn’t flow well), as long as she shows passion, and as long as the numbers are entertaining...it’s gonna be amazing to me.  This already looks so great to me...and as she rehearses more, she’s gonna get better (hopefully she doesn’t get too nervous and leave the passion at the door when the show starts).  I just can’t at people STILL expecting DWAD choreography.  I am LOVING these clips.  BTI tho still has me kinda meh tho...but I’m not a f**king moron and I’m not going to dismiss her over a 20 second clip.

:tifftear: These clips from Domination  are giving me way more than I excepted from Britney.

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I’ve realized it’s best not to have any expectations. Britney has enough money to spend the rest of her life vacationing and living like a queen. I’d be all for it, but she seems to be really happy doing what she wants to do with this show and obviously doing the songs she wants to do. And you know what... I’ll take it. I don’t expect her to ever be what she used to be. That’s unrealistic and not fair to hold her to that standard. That’s not who she is anymore and I’ve come to terms with it. Now I’m happy just being a super supportive cheerleader/stan. Britney has been a light for me in my life. It’s time I let go and just enjoy what she has to offer now days. Honestly, I’m really excited to see what 2019ney has in store for us. I have a feeling she still has some tricks up her sleeves and some big surprises in store for us. ??

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At this point I'm just speechless. 

She doesn't dance badly, she's no longer stiff, she has stage presence. Her abilities definitely improved A LOT over the years. 

She doesn't know how to show this in her performances, and the whole team is not helping her. 

Coupure looks decent, but come over and slave look like a f**king Piece Of Me summary! 

Get it together britney, this is frustrating because it's crystal clear that you could do 10 times better! 

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The first time i listened to DYWCO (back in 2016) i fell in love with the song :clap: the first time i saw her performing the song i wasn't surprised at all... :ohi: actually because of that performance i haven't listened to DYWCO in a while, it may sound stupid but it's true, that performance "killed the song" for me :crying2: now after i've seen this clip i think it will be a better performance than the POM one which makes me happy because as i said before: i fell in love with the song immediately when i listened it for the first time! :) that Slave 4 u break sounds great and she looks hot af :thirsty: oh and Coupure Èlectrique... :crying1: what a great surprise :gobaby:

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47 minutes ago, Coopy said:

I’m actually impressed! She looks amazing to me. If anything this is the most excited about her dancing I have been since mannequin rehearsal. I can’t wait to watch videos from opening night.. something to look forward to !!! 

Let's not even mention iconic mannequin rehearsal footage, back when she had rhythm, flow and an actual choreo, at least in rehearsals :tifflmao:

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Just now, jamaphone said:

Glory is a treasure trove and I hope Domination mines it to the max.

I'd be thrilled to see a Glory Gold edition re-release with new singles, videos, and songs (including Mood Ring). 

It would provide great show promo while garnering attention for underappreciated material.

I concur! Glory has some really good material. "Make Me" and "Slumber Party"  are not of the epic tracks on Glory.

Britney has been  rehearsing choreography for "Change Your Mind" and "Coupure Electrique". Both are  better songs. I'm ready for her to add "If I'm Dancing".  :badthoughts:

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I feel like they are freaking out because tickets are selling pretty bad but they honestly should focus visuals on a new photo shoot or a tour visual teaser video. 

I feel like most ppl are fickle and will buy tickets if they see a fake high quality visual over these posts of Britney dancing in the same fashion as Pom. Just a thought...

CE looks promising but two hrs is a long time to have a few promising moments and you know Britney won’t care after the first show. 

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1 hour ago, Mariahkween said:

not excited for Do You Wanna Come Over tbh, she has way too many unperformed HITS and she's sticking to trashy songs NO ONE knows like DYWCO? she's cute tho

tbh, I'll be fine if MM and SP get cut and we have other songs like CE, DYWCO and CYM representing Glory.

DYWCO deserved to be a single :lessons: And if f**king Freakshow has been performed in two different tours/shows (and most likely 3 with Domination), DYWCO deserves it even more.

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