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Watch Britney Rehearse New 'Domination' Choreography For "Slave 4 U" And "Break The Ice"

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53 minutes ago, CashmereCat said:

i'm literally gonna kms that they decide to do shitty choreography in place of one of the best she's had, this includes toxic 
fk me :well:


They've messed Toxic up for the last 14 years. 




PS - I loved the idea behind the FFT Toxic performance with the Japanese theme and remix, but the dancing was awful. 

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Did you know about this? :airpls::airpls: My wig flew to Japan again



Well ? I guess it’s not a secret anymore when Britney posts your work on social media ?? “Slave” and so much more...
I must admit it feels kinda surreal. Grateful and thrilled to see all the hard work come to life soon ?
So much love for everyone involved in this project ❤️
#nikakljunchoreography #teamnappytabs#britneyspears #britneydomination
#nikakljun #proudslovenian#hardworkpaysoffs #rehearsalflow#amazingteam

guessing by the hashtags, she comes with the "NappyTabs" pack too! If you don't know, she is one of the most famous and creatives choreographers at the moment, her routines always slays and hits millions of views. It's the best thing Britney could have ever had for Domination TO BE HONEST, SHE IS EVEN BETTER THAN BRIAN FRIEDMAN NGL :yesplease:

Here are some of her famous choreos:







Even tho she might only have choreographed the backup dancers (I hope not), I really do not care about Britney giving her 100% ticks that much, because I now the whole show itself it will be entertaining and spectacular :wontcry:

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16 minutes ago, Steel Magnolia said:

Why do choreographers dance so spastically nowadays? :juggingu:

I truly think it’s Beyonce’s fault now the new generation is conditioned to think that’s slaying choreography. I missed when Britney had flexibility and her dances are very delicate but at the right moments she hits it hard to throw you off. That’s real slayage not dancing like you are having a seizure.

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On 12/19/2018 at 2:07 AM, Mr. Rogers said:

Did it also bother you when she stopped doing the choreo for Piece of Me on the part when she goes up the stairs? That still annoys me. 

It annoys me every time. Along with the discard of the circus breakdown choreo and so many other things. But Circus... awwww Lord! :embarrassney:

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On 12/18/2018 at 5:30 PM, (You Drive Chris) Crazy said:

A woman’s body changes constantly and that pouch is something that can show or not show depending on your water weight. My mom has one I remember after she divorced and was trying to get in shape and date, she was so self conscious about that even though she weighed 120 pounds at the time (was training for a marathon) she was actually too thin but anyways that still was there’s depending on the day or time of month. So please don’t comment about her body like that. Choreo is one thing but women can’t help that 

Three down votes on this comment. For what? :watrusayin: It's the absolute truth.

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I’m actually looking forward to Domination a LOT more than POM. First of all it seems like she is going back, or at least close to her old dancing style. Which is great.


while I do HATE the two first sentences of BTI (to « said my name» the rest looks pretty interesting, looks like they’re doing something fun and hopefully complex with it. 


With slave, while I am sad to see the original choreo not be there (so far), I do hope they manage to incorporate elements, or mich of it i to this song, or have her do the original choreo for HIAM, or Overprotected etc. The new mix seems interesting, and I think Britney probably also thinks it is less fulfilling to perform that choreo break  at this point, so if she doesn’t do it until whatever comes after Domination, I get it.

I really dislike the fact that’s people are bashing and melting down over a show that’s still in its beginning stages, they’ll probably be sone with rehearsing in february a week before it starts. Like we haven’t seen the stage, the costumes lights, ANYTHING, except for 20-30 seconds of songs cut here and there.

all I wish for is them to remove the mistakes  POM as much as possible. Hopefully Britney is a lot more involved and enjoys the process more and Idk just all around is better in this show and communicates better as well.

I do wanna be spoiled for NYE and have them just show us the full set list (on a paper) with like 1 minute video of cut up choreo here and there.


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I mean, isn't the Domination setlist so far 2000x more exciting than you thought it would be? :bop:

If what's on insta won't be scrapped we'll have some very non-obvious choices. I LOVE the direction they're taking. The odds of having My prerogative on the show are not so low if they put the S&S remix and the french song :bop: and break the ice and DYWCO surviving, I mean... :wooney: Even the slave remix is great.

Two or three more unexpected choices, no WB opening or TTWE ending (BRINNY IF YOURE READING PLZ CLOSE THE SHOW WITH BABY LIKE IN THE OLD TOURS :tifftear:), and I'll be very happy. Actually I don't think they ever went this far with the randomness of the song choices, in any tour. They seem to be really choosing the unexpected from her catalogue this time. I guess doing POM of all hits was the right choice for a first residency but now they seem to really start guessing what the fans want to see. Which is ironic after they announced Domination using freaking WB and TTWE. :britstare11:

Choreos are what they are but I guess we were prepared for it :quirkney: Though I enjoy the all male dancers idea more than I thought, makes brinny look fiercer with no female competitors.

What do you think? I saw people start hoping for the most random song choices so someone must be as excited as I am :giggleney:

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I want to be surprised with the most random choices, since I love Britney's music i'm sure i'll be very happy.  Although I would have wanted for her to not repeat non singles that were used in POM.

And regarding the dancers, you are right, It will give the opportunity for Britney to shine. I hope they include some solo choreo for her ala break the ice 

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