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Weird hypothetical: What if Amnesia was a single instead of Radar?

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I’ve never thought of Amnesia as single material, but thinking it over again I could invision it as a moderate hit maybe on the radio (back in 2009 ofc). But I also love Radar and the iconic Radar horse. :disappointed: Also what would be a good idea for the music video? Soooo Exhale, would Amnesia as a single top or flop? Discuss as we wait for Domination to start. 

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Amnesia is such a bop, it doesn’t even have to be a single, it should have been on the album instead it’s wasted on stupid songs like mm papi and Radar (no radar is not stupid, but you guys get it. 


Not it to mention Quicksand and Lady Gaga was like the “it” girl at the moment so it would have helped. I think it’s cuz they want to own the song and Lady Gaga didn’t want to give it away because if it becomes part of her discography they would have to keep paying royalties to Gaga.

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8 hours ago, Spearsfan said:

I feel like I’m one of the only ppl on here that dislike Amnesia. It’s actually the only song from the Circus era I don’t like. 

I think Quicksand would have been a good single. Even a collab with Gaga would have been amazing. 



I agree, I never understood the love for Amnesia. I don't like the vocals on it at all

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