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Listen To Britney Sing "White Christmas" Without Pitching


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7 hours ago, Mystic Womaney said:

I said she had to sing in a higher octave than she had done by her second album. Listen to the difference yourself. Like soda pop is deeper than the whole OOPs album she never uses that range again. Stta is more there.

and 2007 she just didn’t wanna be manipulated 

(As I can see yours is directed at mine I can see you’ve twisted a lot of what I said)

i said the point of how her image and who she is has been manipulated and she tried to show this in 2007 - nothing about her vocals in 2007.

also, she cship controls whether she works and what work she does 

so no

not her choice

so that’s why I think she’s more private as that’s the only thing she has 

not trying to coarse an argument btw just don’t like being misread and misinterpreted. You don’t need to sound so angry and works up but maybe because you misunderstood 

it’s not a big deal 

I think i am understanding what you say and i just simply do not agree

I KNOW they told her to sing an octave higher but SHE IS NOT IN A PRIS9N, NOR MANIPULATED!!!


This is her JOB. This is what she CHOSED to do to become a pop star and a milti billonaire woman.

If they told her an octave higher would g8ve her that success and she and her advicers ans family agreed then SHE wanted this.


Yes she is under a conservatorship but she is NOT obligated to be a singer and to sing higher than what she really can.


She does this because she wants to maintain her britney spears sound and brand that gives her and her family such amount of money.


She COULD stop everything and sing in a lower range, change the record company, even open her ow. Record label and do what she wants.


The conservatorship is there to control her finances yes, that she does not spend all her money in a week. And on a personal level to keep her safe from bad people who ruined her life.

She could make artistic decisions if she wanted to.

Even if she was controled, she could come out on stage and instead of saying "I SAIDDD HOW ARE U FEELING??"


U all act as if she were really a puppet.

If that is really the case then this is all very sad, and illegal, and i dont get how isbshe smiling all day. She should break free from everything


Besides, what i also do not agree is in 2007 being the year where she stoped being able to sing live. Come on!! I dont know how old are you but i was there from the begining and her voice ALWAYS cracked. Try listining to her "dont let me be the last to know" live performances. Some of them are cute but her voice is damaged. Only in BABY era she could  deliver vocals because everything was a bit lower THAT i do agree with you

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12 hours ago, Thecodeman25 said:

Why are we surprised that Britney doesn’t have a well trained voice? We know her vocals are not great and that’s why she lip syncs for the last 18 years, has ghost singers, and now pitches her own voice in Snapchat! And you are going to pretend like even in 2007 her voice was well preserved? What live vocals did we get that year?!

Excuse me? Several songs from Blackout and it’s unreleaseds sound really, really good! I recommend you to listen to Outta This World, State of Grace, Everyday, Get back and much more!!!!!!!!!

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