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Britney can do better than Cardi B

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I keep seeing people say Britney can do better than a collab with Cardi B but thats just not true.

Regardless of how you feel about her Cardi is well received by the GP and she has just received 5 Grammy noms. Cardi is not Iggy and right now Cardi is far more relevant than Britney stop being delusional about Britney’s status because she could do with all the help she can get right now and let’s be honest a Cardi collab be it true or not couldn’t do more damage than she has already done herself. 

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I think she need to collaborate with someone like Cardi B, because she need a new anthem to be back in all the charts worldwide like with Scream & Shout and after the collaborations she MUST release an album, a very good album and the we can say she’s back HUGE again. 

I don’t believe when fans say they don’t care about the charts when they are always complaining about flops etc.  

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1 hour ago, Goku said:

This. We need a good mature album. Who cares about the charts. :zoomzoom:

She's still the legendary Britney Spears after 2 flop albums, nothing changed and nothing will change.

Christina released a flop album but guess who has 2 nominations at Grammys.

The Grammy's doesn't like Britney.

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Preach.  Don’t care for rap...but as much as we may hate it...Britney needs the exposure and a collab with a relevant artist would give her that, both with the public and radio.  Otherwise, she’s never gonna have a big hit ever again, unless by some grace of God she has a We Belong Together and the public just randomly attaches to one of her solo singles out of absolutely nowhere...which is extremely unlikely.

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