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I think it's worst time ever to be a Britney fan


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I just wish she announced that something was coming like tease us with some info on Instagram get the hype train going. I thought she would of done something for her birthday tbh but nope. 

I hope when the album does come it’s good and worth the wait because if it turns out to be another Britney Jean then I will be done :lessons:

I still have hope she will release a new album/single before Domination kicks off but this whole waiting is so annoying lol. Her team really are the worst :imdying:

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4 hours ago, Goku said:

She's more focused on her career when she does not have a boyfriend. LAZY.

I can't wait to see what the hell they're gonna do with the tickets and the start of the show, Gaga already outsold and outperform Abomination.

One is practicing for an interlude with high technology, the other is doing eyes choreography on a shitty remix with will.i.am


That is true, that’s why she was on fire in 2016. It’s because she’s needy in a relationship. 


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5 hours ago, Cuteney said:

To be honest, I'll be pissed off if the first night is sold out

I may be a fan, but I so want that residency to flop hard


5 hours ago, Goku said:

We need a big hard flop to get a big change.

But the britards will buy everything about her, even those shitty sweatshirt. 

They're hurting her career. :cackling:

You guys complaining that nothing happens and then hoping that Domination flopping will change things are waaaaay too optimistic.

I already said it and I will say it again. If this residency flops hard, don't expect anything else from her for other 3-5 years if not more.

If it goes well, and your theory is correct, maybe one day she'll break up with sam and start being less lazy (I also strongly doubt this theory anyway). And then with the residency going on you'll have another Glory and stuff. Otherwise you'll have insta pictures of vacations on the beach.

The only thing her team will learn from Domination flopping is that Britney the singer is of no interest anymore --> they will produce only perfumes and ****

I am very happy that somebody is buying some tickets, especially because I definitely will not :bedtime: At least until I have proof that the show is decent enough

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No but it really is lol

aftwe Slumber Party everything just became so stagnant

we can only hope for cool remixes but even the Clumsy/Change Your Mind mix from the tour wasn’t anything special

even her fans aren’t doing anything exciting with songs

remember when we got Bare? Or really cool fanmade tour mixes?

theres literally nothing going on lol

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I don’t think it’ll become more exciting tbh. Seeing her live in July kinda tainted things for me but after finally having an in person experience, it’s so obvious she is not the star she once was. It’s sad she can’t even speak at her own residency announcement. So I doubt things will be so much better than what we’ve seen the past 5 years. Even if we do get an album soon, u think they’ll promote properly? Lol It’s all very sad. 

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1 hour ago, Goku said:

I prefer nothing at crap shows and stuff like randee


But I prefer new music to nothing, especially if it is Glory level stuff over nothing

I even prefer POM 1.0 or Britney Jean level stuff over nothing. Stop thinking about Britney's legacy, that's long compromised at this point, just have fun. A Break The Ice kind of choreo can still be fun, a picture from Hawaii is not (at least for me)   

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9 hours ago, Cuteney said:

New music ain't coming anytime soon:britstare11:

I would be really surprised if we get any exciting promo for Abomonition :britstare11:

She will be performing the same old songs, and don't except pre-recorded vocals she doesn't have the time to record new music apparently, so get ready for the CD vocals. The best that we can hope for is remixes :britstare11:

Nothing since 2 years and 4 months, and probably nothing exciting to except for a while :britstare11:

That's depressing

Funny thing is that **** started right when she had a boyfriend again, between Charlie and Sam we've had :

-Mermaidney slaying POM

-POM 2.0 aka Primeney 2.0

-The videos on her instagram of BOM and stuff

-BBMA 2016

-Glory and even though it was Vegas oriented she did a shitload of promo (TV shows, VMA, Apple Music Festival, iHeart, Jingle Bells,  Jimmy Kimmel, Carpool Karaoke,... )

-The masterpiece that is Slumber Party MV :slayney::hipney::cinderellaney:

And I could go on

Then Sam happened and you know the rest of the story :britstare11:

This Is really embarassing as a fan! Your're complete Right 

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11 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

It really is one of the least exciting times :mhm:, because of the lack of music. But I think, at least as a fan, I've had worse, like 2007. Nowadays is boring because nothing is happening, but back then, those were scary times.

I remember back then in 2007 that I actually prayed for Britney's health. I was a teen when that happened and Britney was my everything :wontcry:

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Maybe it’s team Britney really looking out for us all. In two years when she retires we will all be crying tears of joy that it’s finally over. 

I remember in 2011 when rumors were floating around that it was her last album, I was devastated. I love her music and the fun of full eras where we always are guessing what’s next. The thought of it ending was heartbreaking. 

Now after era and era of bad. I think it’s was a slow breakup and literally think she should retire. 

She doesn’t release new music. She can’t perform. So she really serves no point. 

Team Britney just did all of this to help us. Thank you team Britney :yesplease:

I’m being sarcastic but it’s a thought. 

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9 hours ago, Ringleader34 said:

Even if the residency flops nothing is going to change.  Don’t get your hopes up thinking that.  

This x 10000000.

Everyone who's hoping this flops because they think it will suddenly make her care again? Come on now. If this flops, Britney's stepping away from the business either indefinitely or for a longgg time. She's not all of a sudden gonna change her work ethic and start touring the world again and forcing herself to go through things that cause her massive anxiety just to fight for a shred of relevance. Ain't gonna happen.

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