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So, what's the verdict on Radar?

So, what's the verdict with Radar?  

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I was listening to Blackout today and wondering this. I feel like the song is kind of a 'meme' of sorts around here. Do we actually like it, or is it just a joke song to the fan base? 

Personally I like it, so there's that. It's not my favorite but I can bop to it sometimes. It's one of my GP friends favorite Britney songs too. 

So, what's the truth?:ineedthetruth:

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I loved it when I first heard it on BO. The beat was great and she was so aggressive on it I loved it. But then, the fanbase killed it for me with the horse ****. And the mess of it being tackle into Circus.

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I think fans do like to joke about it being on Circus as a bonus track, but all jokes aside it is a really good song and has an amazing instrumental. I personally would have preferred it released as a single for Blackout rather than Circus (it doesn't fit on Circus at all imo) but I guess it wasn't meant to be as Britney was focusing on getting better at the time. 

As for the video, I always thought it didn't fit the song well. The video's original concept which would have seen Britney and her friends chasing a guy around clubs in London would have been much better.

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