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“Circus” 10th anniversary


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Both standard and deluxe editions of the album were released in Europe on November 28, 2008 and in the United States on December 2, 2008.

It debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 with first-week sales of over 505,000 copies

Spears commented of the album's title: "I like the fact that you're always on the edge of your seat when you're at a circus. You're never bored [...] You're just really engulfed in what's going on around you. And you want to know what's going to happen next."

So, 10 years ago Circus era began.  What’s your thoughts, memories?


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Ah the Resurrection of Godney. I have nothing but mad love and fondness towards this era and album. Britney came back with this era and I will always be grateful. I went to Circus Tour twice, because I was so unbelievably happy to have her back on the stage. 


Btw I love these types of threads. Important herstory!

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3 minutes ago, MWLJ said:

Womanizer and Circus are now Britney classics. Great album, not her best but still great. Wish I had seen the tour. And she looked amazing the whole time. 


IUSA issa skanky bop that gives me life. 


Happy anniversary, Riccus! 

Queen of skanky bops :gelis:

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I always had mixed feelings when Circus came out and I still do. On one hand, it was an awesome comeback, and probably one of the last times her team did everything right: Looks always on point, great public appearances...They made up for the lack of excellent Primeney signature performances with lots of props, explosions and interesting things and moments. Also, she was everywhere promoting. And still, we'd get to see Primeney small glimpses.


Out of all her albums, the theme of the album is the most generic one. Specially when Christina Aguilera had "Hurt" out back in 2006 with the same theme, and then Pink was about to release her album also kinda with the same theme (although visuals differed a lot), it all looked even more trendy and generic. The music itself, apart from Womanizer, feels like it's too safe: less experimental and innovative than Britney, In The Zone and Blackout, it stayed at a comfortable zone, assuring Britney would have at least mild success. Sure, we'll bop to IUSA and Circus at any given time, but we know those other songs are a downgrade from the previous 3 works. Won't even get on the poor video treatment Radar got, because it wasn't even supposed to be here. Other three videos where top notch and interesting to watch, so she didn't let us down with these.



And then there is Circus tour. The lack of professional footage from it never allowed me to really get into it: for me, it screams basic from start to end, choreo and outfits sometimes worse than POM and bad treatment to her classic songs. From all the public performances before the tour, you'd think it'd maintain at least the same level: fire rings, bombastic choreo, nice costumes. It really didn't, for the most of it. However, I still gotta give it to it, because the Circus Arena concept was seen as innovative at the time, and critics media in general praised it well enough.



Given the album HAD to restore Britney's image, that it was its real purpose, we can say it was a real success. We gotta applaud Britney and her team for once, for being able to pull this off. But I feel it started a creative lockup for Britney that would last until 2016 when she released Glory. Happy Birthday Riccus!

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I remember this is the time I became a full stan. I was 17 years old and was old enough to understand her a little better and follow her more closely.

Circus tour was the first time I saw her live (went to the show in Orlando on 9/2/09) and it was sooo much fun. I was belting out the words to every song w my best friends the entire night.

I remember thinking her dancing wasn’t as precise and stellar as before but still being amazed by her star power. She had a walk and a swag during the Circus tour that was really captivating.

The album itself - I enjoy the singles as well as Shattered Glass, Kill The Lights, Blur, and Unusual You but some tracks felt like straight up filler and I haven’t listened to My Baby or Lace & Leather in YEARS.

I was happy with the promo work and Britney looked the prettiest she’d looked since pre-breakdown.

I wish she had taken a few years to recover but it is what it is and I thought it was a much better era than the one that followed.

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40 minutes ago, naturalplayboy said:

“The concept of circus is well, a circus”

Lol, oh Britney... :giggleney:

Anyways, i love this album especially because i remember being with my friends the first time we listened it and we loved it! :) it's crazy if i think about how many things have changed during these 10 yrs! i haven't seen my friends in a while, some of them moved in Germany, UK etc... I miss them :tiffanycries: LMAO sorry for the little personal story but this album is very special to me not only because it was the huge "comeback" (sorry Brit :pieceofwhat:) of one of my favorite artists but also because of the great memories i have of me and my friends back in the days :gobaby: #Happy10thBirthdayCircus :clap:

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