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I voted ok. I used to strongly dislike it. It's not a good song, and honestly if ANY other artist sang it I wouldn't give it the time of day (save the Myah jokes:heresthetea:)


It was a killer opener when I saw her though, so it gave me a new appreciation for it. It's also funny to joke with my friends and family with the whole 'better work *****!' line. 

So I don't hate it, but I don't listen to it. I can appreciate it for what it is though:whatitellu:

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I have liked it since the start! It’s aggressive! I just don’t like the part after the breakdown. The music they used suddenly sounds cheap happy trance like, they should have used the instrumentals they used before but maybe then incl. some ther stuff to make it more UP. Also the last notes sounds silly and cheap. Other than that, great fun song! And I like that it isnt about *** and love, eventho its kind of shallow.

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I think it took the iconic line, “It’s Britney, *****” and beat it to death.  Sometimes, you shouldn’t ride a success horse.  Imagine if another Britney song put “Oops I did it Again” on repeat as the chorus? Or went, “Hit me baby!  Hit me Baby! Hit me baby!” Eventually you’d be like, “Enough!!!!!  I like that the song was about working hard, but the “*****” bit is too much for my liking and a bit off putting.  

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