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Britney’s best top three album names

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The rest are basic. I don’t care for albums that share the artist’s name, which she did twice. Baby was unoriginal as it was her lead single’s title as well, ITZ is just a little bland (though it fits) I feel for such a mature and **** album she could have dove deeper, Circus once again was a single track name, and Glory is just ok. That’s just my opinion. Share yours. 

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1.- ITZ

2.- Blackout


I feel like these names actually represent what the albums are about and what to expect from them. ITZ: more mature and in control Britney, 100% confident after three albums. Blackout for obvious reasons, I call it the triple m, mess, media, mental breakdown. And Oops because well, she did it again and every song reflecs the image a pop star that came to stay in the hearts of many. 

Least favorite:

Circus... I mean... yeah a Circus.

Glory... says absolutely NOTHING and has nothing to do with the album, concept, lyrics, aesthetics...

Britney Jean... because we already had an album with her name. OMG the lack of creativity.


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