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When Britney looks really stunnin on X factor?

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We know that FFney was really weird, the hair and make up sucks made her look even worse, but things started to change in 2012 on the X factor, though that was somethin intermittent, sometimes slay and sometimes flop, which is the best and the worst ? ...


 I likes this...








I hate This...







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34 minutes ago, Alex Murr said:

the dress is great, but the hairstyle not, I think she don't look good with her forehead so uncovered :yeahsure: 

definitely she always need good eyebrows and a little bangs :lessons:

I agree in general that she would look better in bangs but in this picture, I dunno. I think she made this one work. She looked good.

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I found a lot of her outfits in this period really ageing, and she was barely 30! She looked great for like a news caster or average woman out on Friday night, but for a pop star renound for cool, funky style it was a bit disappointing i.e. this


Some of the nice dresses like below kind of lacked accessories or something to make them feel unique and Britneyfied. She used to LOVE a good hat/belt/jacket/jewelry/boots/two-piece to make an outfit more interesting.


But I didn't know she wore those outfits with the low ride trousers, yay! If her fringe was cut well she would have been perf.


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