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Who Approved This? E! News Mercilessly Drags Britney

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I have only one thing to say. That is: these people are disgusting.

They say Britney hasn’t sold tickets because she moves like a robot and doesn’t sing. Well, could they do it any better? That girls are complete nobodies, when will they ever get to Britney’s level of fame and talent? It’s a horrible practice to seek for media’s attention by using a famous celebrity name. Thank u, next:well: 

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that blonde though.. drain those lips, girl, the fillers ain't cute.. especially cringe combined with that SoCal accent, what a basic bish.. I swear I could find like 86 billion girls that look exactly like her on Instagram.. :juggingu:

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41 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

:whatitellu: well that's what ya'll always wanted, someone that exposed the issues with current Britney, so ya'll must be happy now :rihit: 

but now that somebody does, they feel offended, it's the never ending cycle of the hypocrisy at this place

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8 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

but now that somebody does, they feel offended, it's the never ending cycle of the hypocrisy at this place

fascinating isn't it? applies to me too.. we drag Britney to the pits of hell and back but when someone else does we get so defensive.. :juggingu: 

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9 minutes ago, Hypnotherapy said:

Literally the only lie here :tifflmao:

But in all seriousness, yes it's hateful, but it is TRUE. Britney doesn't sing, she is stiff, her dancing hasn't been consistently good in a while. Her meet and greets are awful, she has zero audience engagement. Honestly it's amazing the media are so kind to her and turn a blind eye to how mediocre of a performer she has become. It's not professional to go off on her like this ***** has, but she was telling it how it is!

In terms of ticket sales... like everything for the past decade, it's just a terrible business decision. It's more obvious than anything that Britney needs a break to rejuvenate and find some passion and fans, but especially the GP, need to get hyped or interested in her again.

She's just finished a 5 year residency and toured. She hasn't put out new music in 2 years, hasn't had a hit since Work *****. Her residency sales were in decline, she is not the selling force her team market her as. Some legs had 20,000+ unsold tickets. The tour was not a hit critically and although many people loved it, many also hated it.

It's just not a sensible time to announce a residency. Yes I think it will sell fine and she'll be OK, but there's no concrete marketing plan surrounding it to give it legs. But then that's consistent with Britney and her team these days I guess.

The media turns a blind eye to how crappy a lot of today's performers are like Taylor Swift, Rihanna and so many others.

Vegas is happy with Britney 

Her team knows what they are doing 

I don't think they need advice from folks like yourself who would not know what to do

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