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(To Love) Let go- 2007

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Idk about you but I just find this song so beautiful and touching :crying1: she went through a lot of hard times in 2006-2007-2008 so she wrote this herself :crying1:she even uses her real voice in it :crying3::crying2: 

i’m sure y’all have heard it already but look at this edit on YouTube 

it features chaotic pieces and even tho it has Kevin on it I cry everytime I see it :crying1: the good old times of In The Zone, where her peak as a singer/ performer was 2004 and she actually enjoyed life without the control of a c-ship :(

i’m emotional right now :crying4:


:crying3::crying3::crying3::crying2::crying2::crying2: :crying1::crying1::crying1::crying4::crying4::crying4:

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