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The Official Britney Spears Las Vegas Residency Announcement Thread

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The truth is if Britney needs a routine, she should be a dance teacher.  This residency doesn't have anything to do with 'finding a routine while trying to spend time with her boys'.  She is just a cash cow/puppet and I think the media is going to be much more negative with her from now on (they will probably start linking her with white privilege etc...)

Does she really deserve adulation right now?  She had a 5 year prime that ended 14 years ago.  That's it.  No matter how big it was.  Even with the breakdown negativity, she was still able to make many, many millions over the last decade. 

But from here on out I don't think she's going to be getting as much positive reaction if she doesn't completely evolve as a performer.  And just updating (probably mediocre) choreographed routines with terrible outfits isn't really enough when she'll probably cut these later.

Given that her child support was based on her earnings in 2008, she makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a month from fragrance royalties and would earn even more if she cuts out her managers.  That's clearly enough to stay wealthy and stay out of the public eye because let's face it, she does not in any way fit in this era.

Her prime and breakdown were things that were just too long ago and she says absolutely nothing about either so it's sort of a 'what have you done for me lately'? 

She and her team can't keep this facade up for much longer without there being negativity.  So even if all they want is to get paid, they will have to do it with lots of negativity along with it.

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I wanted to stay up until 5am my time to watch it but around 2:30 I couldn't wait anymore and I fell asleep, which is good cause I just watched it now and it was so boring I would've fallen asleep straight away :orangu:

You guys made me believe she'd perform :orangu:

She didn't even say a word :orangu:

Her team was f**king rude to that BOMT guy Britney tried to approach, pushing him back :decisions:

And why can't Britney look gorgeous for an event like that? Just looking decent for something that huge isn't okay, she needed perfect hair and a good outfit, what was that starfish mess.

Now we can all appreciate the POM announcement a bit more :mcorangu:

Jesus, what a mess, so much potential, go home team B

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Guys, after yesterday I'm pretty sure she doesn't look back at all... I mean... there is NO WAY she would have done this announcement the way she did, if she had any clue how disappointed the reactions are. And that makes me worry... she might be in that kind of bubble where she is so shielded from everything surrounding her and people keep on saying "yes" and "okay" to her that she doesnt even notice what's missing. She is so off... I watched her documentary again "I am Britney Jean" and how she talks about being a perfectionist. And she sounds like she means it, but what she delivers is not anywhere near her own expectations... so does she know that she doesnt deliver the way we think and even she thinks she can? In the documentary she also talks about how awkward she gets in staged settings where people watch her and she has to interact, so it's not like she isn't self-conscious about that. But if she knows she is that way, why the hell doesnt she prepare herself well enough for a moment like this? She knew for a longer time this announcement is going to happen? What is her vision, what's her craft in this? She also said in IABJ documentary that she knows her fans want a more personal relationship to her... but she doesn't contribute to that? So weird.... 

I mean... her apperance didn't need to be longer. Imagine her just belting out the Refrain of "Stronger" acapella and shouting: "Vegas, I'll be back. DOMINATION starts in February. Thanks for coming out!" and leaving... that would have been fine. But why the hell she contributes to the awkwardness knowing how she handles those situations? Don't get it... she remains a mistery! :jlostare:

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2 minutes ago, portrait said:

well you know, I think domination is a cool name, because it has such a cool and urban vibe , and you know I'm dominating the residency stuff in vegas. I think it sounds powerful and inspiring , especially for my gay fans. :awks:

because gays love to be dominated, my friend cade told me

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