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Remember when Britney mocked 'Sometimes'? (with live vocals.. ROFL!)


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3 hours ago, Alexa said:

I never got the impression she didn't like the song whenever she performed it - but I can understand why she grew to dislike it at that age. For me it's one of her classics - and some of the best vocals she ever recorded, too.

Totally agree 




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I think she indeed wanted to break free from that innocent image, but i can also imagine her not like at that age.


I had a time I didn’t like it (I did like it when I was little) because  I was “too cool for school” * rolls eyes * but then I grew up. I love it. It’s one of her classics and her vocals are great.

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7 hours ago, rck92 said:

I love this song, it's classic Britney. It is super corny so I understand why she doesn't like it.


And who can forget the iconic 'girl had a itch' moment?





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