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Is Britney going to perform at the Latin amas?

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I have my clues 

it was confirmed that the single “I feel so free with you”with pitbull and mark Anthony  is coming out, now this still may not be true but idk. There were rumors that Britney will be performing it at the amas, now pitbull was just confirmed to be performing at the Latin amas by the official site which doesn’t make sense because to my knowledge he doesn’t have any new music out. Mark Anthony just followed britney on Instagram. And Britney’s rehearsing Salsa, also which the Latin amas reposted.




let the meltdowns BEGIN

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1 hour ago, really really cool guy said:

Marc Anthony follows her now? That pretty much confirms it :raven:

Well all the britards on insta now completely believe it HA, honestly hope they all are anticipating and watching it and pit bull comes out with xtina. HAHAHAAH 


I’ll only be waiting for a notice next day if she performed 

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