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Re-work Sugarfall and release as a buzz single

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it will be like her GTFO song. it would slay you'll see. Her team should take some risks, her career is dead.

They should give us music even if it flops. what a f**king safe team she has. 

Sugarfall re-worked it would be like some Ariana Grande song from Sweetener. 

And the video with a cool slow dance that the GP would pick it up. it needs to be kinda embarrassing and urban. 




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3 hours ago, Mona Lisa 2.0 said:

Britney should definitely work with Pharrell again, his songs on Sweetener are so f**king good.

R.E.M. is really the only song on the album that I care for produced by Pharrell. Everything else is trash. His work is so stale and he himself hasn’t progressed as an artist. I understand having a certain “sound” as a producer, but his “sound” has literally stayed the same since 2001. I mean, all of his songs on sweetener literally start the same way (repeated note, repeated note, repeated note, generic beat)

I’ve never cared for sugarfall myself, but Gryves’ reimagining of the song is actually one of my favorites


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