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Kylie Minogue and Steve Anderson just followed Britney on Twitter


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1 hour ago, BOBIBCFBG said:

And Britney is also following Kylie. Steve Anderson works with Kylie a lot and has worked with Britney on Breathe On Me. I wonder if a collaboration is in the works.

That would be my dreams come true to have a song with Britney and Kylie.

Actually, Kylie said many times she LOVES "He about to loose me"... and she talked few times about the fact she got the Toxic demo first but she said no haha

And I quite remember that Britney's team wanted "Get outta my way" that Kylie did for her album APHRODITE !

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1 minute ago, MmmDani said:

Yetserday I was wondering if we’d ever get Toxic 3.0 and then it hit me how similar Toxic and CYM are. CYM would’ve been a hit if it was the lead

Don't get me wrong, I (appreciate you) stan for CYM harder than any song on Glory, but I fail to see the similarities between Toxic and it. Also I think it'd flop as a lead, but a great success as a 2nd, 3rd single.

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