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[New Candids] Britney waiting for her kids in Los Angeles - September 22

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wow, that dress looks great on her. she wears a lot of unflattering clothes usually and her ***** pressed against her body. in general, she has always been a natural beauty and more casual comfortable clothes always looked best on her. of course she should dress however SHE wants, she doesnt have to meet anyones standarts.. but i LOVE this look on her.

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Do you think that we're getting less paparazzi pics of her  (which is good) because they've lost interest in her or because progress has been made and privacy laws are tougher so paps must respect them?  :thinkney:

I know for celebrity kids there's something similar but I'm just curios if smth has changed  (legally speaking) between paps and celebrities since 10 years ago? 

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