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She was gorgeous here on 2016's POM revamp


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well OBVIOUSLY! 2016 was the year glory came out wich mean the beginning of a new "era" and promotion (lol i know i know i know but just go with it). Is that not what artist do when they are amping of for a new album release? 2016 was one of Brits finest years as of recent. remeber that was the year all those videos from POM were uploaded by fans and there were comments all over the place saying that she was "FINALLY BACK!!!" and she was dancing her *** off.  She will be back on her game before and during B10's album release aswell!


Her eyes are like so incredibly placed in that pic (lol). They are no longer sliding off of her face! Just some botox to raise her brows and smoothin out her forehead is all i need from her. I swear she recently has been to the dentist as we are no longer seeing that crazy gap we were fixated on a few months back. Her one tooth is still crooked but even if you look back its always been slightly crooked. Thats probably just wear and aging thats accentuated how crooked it actually is. Im so happy also her lips can lay correctly on her teeth now that her lip fillers are gone wich improves her hole face. before the filler almost made her mouth TO symmetrical to her face throwing off the way her teeth grow from her skull (witch inst perfectly symmetrical, no ones teeth are. go look at yours!). So with the lips now then so symmetrical and her teeth not being it gave her the weirdest look and her teeth lookd crazy.

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