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Keri Hilson, her best background vocal EVER?

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You know who she is. She's the one behind Britney vocal's on Gimme More and Break The Ice, and some other tracks on Blackout etc. I still think this was the best voice fit for Britney behind vocals, she really brought Britney soul and essence. I don't think it all goes around Danja, but a lot as well on her. You can clearly hear how Keli smoothed break the ice bridges, making this the best duo ever. How come Britney never worked with her again? :hideous:

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I also agree I think Keri Hilson was great in these, the backing vocals really fit with Britney’s sound and to this day I think so many of the tracks on Blackout are so underrated. Such a masterpiece and my favorite album  :crying1: 

Not sure why she never worked with her again but I think probably because Keri was working hard to make a name for herself and release her own music. I actually really loved some of Keri’s songs also - when she came out with Knock you Down with Kanye West and Turnin Me On with Lil Wayne, I used to listen to these songs on repeat! Unfortunately no one really works with Keri anymore after she shaded Beyonce and also Ciara, messing up a lot of the connections she was really just starting to get in the industry. It’s really a shame bc I think she had so much more potential! 

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I've always said Keri was her best background vocals.

Background vocalist should make the artist sound great while bringing out a great contrast.

Myah just imitates Britney, but has no soul making her songs sound like unfinished karaoke tracks. (i.e Britney Jean)

Britneys best vocals thats are all her are in Boys (album version)

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2 hours ago, Steel Magnolia said:

I always wondered what it was about Blackout that I loved so much over her other albums.

You nailed it.

exactly, same over here. it was Keri essentially.

her team is def sleeping, or Larry is just to envy cause this is her best record to date and he had no fingers on it as she was the executive producer of it as well.

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Guest Brichney.
59 minutes ago, Britman512 said:

Kheri sings the majority of break the ice in my opinion 

There is a version of Keri's BTI on Youtube, it's not the same as Britney's, so stop... the whole Myah started with some songs on Circus

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