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Just snagged a Britney Piece of Me Bundle for $100!

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I've been on the lookout for a signed Piece of Me poster where I really like Brit's signature. Even the ones I've been seeing, I feel like I'm settling and they're out of price range. I was able to snag a signed Piece of Me VIP bundle for just over $100 shipped. Granted, it's coming from Europe so it's gonna be a bit of a wait but I swear I've seen all of these go for around $400-$500 as a package.

The seller even informed me they'd throw in two extra unsigned official posters in as well! I've never owned anything signed by Brit, so I'm just so grateful!

Signed poster, lanyard, bracelet, collectible bag, ticket laminate, and two extra posters. I'd like to think I scored. Haha. SO EXCITED!  :)






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