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The lead up to Britney Jean


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On 9/3/2018 at 10:13 PM, MmmDani said:

This seems like it could’ve been the most exciting time to be a Britney fan. 

- Scream & Shout being a massive hit

- Ooh La La being released (like a fun buzz single)

- Britney appearing on SMS Bangerz (even if it’s bad)

- All of the lovely interviews 

- The suggestion that BJ was going to be Blackout 2.0

- The claims that it was “her most personal album yet”. Speculation must’ve been wild at this time

- Work ***** being an incredible lead

- Perfume being a beautiful ballad

- The release of I Am Britney Jean leading into her residency 

- The hype for the new residency 


It must’ve made the BJ fiasco even worse. Because there was such a lead up to the album and presumably everyone expected it to follow Circus and Femme Fatale and be a commercial success. The Myah stuff and the fact that both singles and then the album flopped must’ve been shocking.

Was it the most exciting time to be a fan (post breakdown)? 



I was 13 at the time, I only had My Prerogative, Blackout and recently bought The Singles Collection (I was aware that Circus existed (I saw it in Tesco once)). But I saw Britney Jean in HMV (expecting it to be like Blackout) and when I listened to it I hated it. I didn’t know her voice as well as y’all did, but I remember feeling like it was very manufactured. I was used to My Prerogative and Blackout exclusively so I only knew incredible songs. But I loved Work *****. What were your initial reactions to the album?

Not really. Before Ooh La La there was hope. She was doing rehearsals everyday, was looking great and started giving hints about the record (hip hop, personal, Blackout 2.0...).

-Ooh La La killed the hype a little bit, it shouldn't have been released. It wasn't a good song at all, and it kinda lowered the thirst for new music :umok:

-Work ***** was a HUGE disappointment. We were expecting something à la Slave / Gimme More 2.0, not some Willpower reject. Lots of us were extremeley let down and started noticing Myah vocals here and there :jj:

-Right after that the desert fiasco happened and she lost like 25-30% of the whole fanbase in a single morning :gloria:

-Then the lack of live performances got us all incredibly frustrated (let's not forget the epic "THE VIDEO IS THE PERFORMANCE") :blank:

-Then the Perfume video was obviously cut :anxiety:

-Then she started doing an interview after another, repeating the same exact sentences each time and even saying the greatest bullshit of all time: "I ALWAYS SING LIVE" :tifflmao:

-Then BJ tracks started to leak (Passenger, Shitlien...) and we immediatly noticed the bad production and Myah vocals. We immediatly knew that the whole "personal" theme was just bullshit :meltdown:

-Then the album was released and of course it was a mess. 75% of myah vocals, horribile production, glitches, awful songs, lack of britney... :sobbing:

-Then IABJ documentary didn't show her singing a single note in the studio. Her dancing was minimal and her face and body looked heavily edited :overit:

-By the time the show started we were devastated. And when she started the residency with fake abs, ugly wigs, looking stiff as **** and  doing bad choreography with zero live or prerecorded vocals we almost died :letitburn:


I really don't know how the fanbase survived 2013.

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I remember being SO hyped for BJ when it was being developed. First it was rumored to be a Blackout 2.0, and later Britney said that it was going to be her most personal record.

Then Work ***** came out, and my face was pretty much like this :umwtf:.

Not only was it completely different from what I expected, it sounded nothing like Britney! 

When BJ came out I probably listened only three or four songs, and I stopped staning Britney and pretty much forgetting about her until Glory. Then I became a stan again :hahayea:.

If I'm honest, the first time I listened to the whole BJ album was a few months ago and I still don't care for it.

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