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The lead up to Britney Jean


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I had just become a stan before OLL was released and wasn’t on here yet. When I heard she had a new album dropping at the end of the year I was stoked. Even though I was new I could tell she was in a better place than with FF and I was excited for a “personal” album (even though at the time I didn’t know just how big of a deal it would’ve been) I remember when work ***** came out I wasn’t crazy about it, but I loved perfume, and I thought she looked beautiful in the video (even though it was the first time I thought she’d had some work done). I remember waiting for it to be a hit and it never was. It was months later I checked and saw it had flopped. I never heard work either cause radio stations around here are really conservative and wouldn’t play it, not even the censored version really. Anyway IAMBJ comes out and I’m stoked cause she seems so happy and the album sounds cool and then it dropped and I was like oh. 

I liked it at the time cause it gave me a depressed vibe which really hit home with me as a depressed middle schooler lol. I remember really loving perfume and alien and I kept waiting for a new single but it never came. I remember when ISBE and NTIFY were posted on YouTube and I thought that meant something but it didn’t. It wasn’t until I came on here much later that I realized how much of a disaster the whole thing was, myah included. I do still like some of the songs though and wish it could’ve been an actual personal album. 


Oh oh and I also remember people saying tik til boom was toxic 2 lol, and that don’t cry hinted that this would be a retirement album 

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6 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

The album flopped, and ONLY then people started to create these rumors about Myah Marie and the alleged leaked stems and such. But it wasn't something instantaneous as some say that they KNEW it wasn't Britney since the second they heard the first song.

You trippin, there were talks about Myah ever since Passenger leaked, Nick confirmed it eventually in late 2013. People KNEW since day 1, but the majority chose not to listen.

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3 hours ago, Inuyasha said:

I wasn't a stan back in 2013 (thank god). I was 11 at the time and I avidly stanned Miley Cyrus, so my *** was bopping to this masterpiece: 

(Yes lmao this is the original CD I bought like 5 years ago). However, this album did spark my interest in Britney Spears because of SMS, so I decided to illegally download Britney Jean:pieceofwhat:. It was alright, but pretty forgettable for me tbh. I only kept Alien, WB, Perfume, and Passenger. (And then I forgot about Britney until 2016 where I became a stan) 

You discovered Britney’s entire discography in 2016? Must have been overwhelming to discover it all at once :awyeah:

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9 hours ago, Chaoscontrol said:

I remember being SO STOKED for BJ. I had always been a casual fan but it was the first album I had a lot of hype for.

There was so much hype. Britney was looking amazing after FF. Her personality was shining in interviews. The Blackout 2.0/Personal Album thing had us all really excited. I'm still pressed Old City of Mine was a bust :/ I was in LOVE with Alien the first time I had heard it, WB didn't really do much for me ever tbh.

I think the desert fiasco was the start of the downfall. I wasn't posting here but I remember lurking and the meltdown was insane. I remember listening to the album and thinking the same thing, very manufactured and it really made me wonder if she could even sing anymore without them cutting/pasting/editing to make it sound decent. Then the Myah stuff came out and Vegas had started and you know the rest:whatitellu:


It really was an exciting time though. I look back on it with fond memories and it takes me back to that time in my life. It definitely makes me nostalgic!  

A have 2 questions, Whats "that old city of mine"? 

Also, the desert fiasco, i wasn't on BH then so i didn't get caught up in any hype or rumors, was there a ever a performance planned or was it just fans running with next to nothing and then being disappointed (like apple pie) 

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15 hours ago, BritneysBitch82 said:

A have 2 questions, Whats "that old city of mine"? 

Also, the desert fiasco, i wasn't on BH then so i didn't get caught up in any hype or rumors, was there a ever a performance planned or was it just fans running with next to nothing and then being disappointed (like apple pie) 

It was definitely not like Apple Pie. At all. Apple Pie was created by a random twitter account.

But for the desert fiasco, Britney's team uploaded a countdown on her official website, leading to a Live Special Event on 17/09/2013 (if I remember well). We knew a new era and single were coming that day.

Then we learned that hundreds of Britney fans were invited at this secret event, which was located in the desert, and scheduled before dawn. First sources said that it would cost 150.000$ to Planet Hollywood.

Legitimately, we thought that this event would be a live performance ! What else could it be ? It sounded so much like it and was the perfect moment to actually promote the residency, the album and the lead single all at the same time.

Then, we had a confirmation from a reliable source (TMZ) that the performance was happening. Then other sources like BreatheHeavy confirmed it.


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Work ***** was weird for me, because I was expecting something really great, and I don't hate the song, but it's not really that incredible or groundbreaking. I was underwhelmed at first listen.

Then, BJ came out, and I was super excited for new Britney music, that I tried super hard to enjoy the album. I ended up almost hating it, and now I can't even listen to 90% of it. 

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15 hours ago, King Daniel said:

No, her contract with Planet Hollywood started to be legally binding at the time of her first show , she had more than 2 months to perform the song somewhere

Yes, her contract only started in Dec, BUT there was alot of money invested in the show. Remember all the questions "will she sing live?" (with telephone operators told to answer yes)," will she dance well?" (I Am Britney Jean trying to fool us into thinking that she will) so a lackluster, lipsync performance elsewhere leading up to opening night would have destroyed ticket sales. Britney even said during the Listening Party for the album that it feels weird just sitting there and she would rather be performing, but she couldn't, wasnt allowed to. 

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