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So yesterday i saw britney at the Genting Arena in Birmingham!

i did the backstage tour etc, which was cool to be able to go onto the stage! the person who was showing us around was really nice!

at around 6ish i went to get a drink while waiting! Larry was sat just casually with a woman at one of the tables for over an hour! i didn't want to go up to and say hi as i didn't want to intrude and i already spoke to him when i met britney in vegas (he patted me on the shoulder and said to enjoy the show) - however in birmingham i looked at him and smiled and he smiled back :)i wanted to leave him to it!

we were supposed to meet at 8pm to go to meet britney! everyone was all gathered and we walked to where we had to wait - her body guards one at a time came into the room and walked up and down looking at everyone! there was about 50 people waiting to have a meet and greet! she didn't start the meet and greets until about 8.40pm (i was so shocked they were done so close to the show).

anyway, i met some really nice people who were really happy and knew what to expect! event staff and the rep from VIP Nation was like 'she's in a good mood today', people were asking him if she was wearing 'the coat' (he was very aware of this infamous coat LOL) - he said no she wasn't, every seemed happy about it! then the first person went in for their M&G and people asked him if she was wearing a coat and it turns out she was (so she literally must have put it on just before the meet and greet) - people were going in and out of meeting britney pretty fast but they all seemed to be happy with the experience and were aware that it would only basically be a quick photo op!

it was finally my turn to meet britney, her body guard made sure i had nothing on me and placed everything on the table before i went through the curtain to see britney!  the body guard said to everyone not to kiss her or hug her! but the body guards were very nice and wanted to make sure we had the best experience! it was such a surreal moment when i saw her i made sure i was calm and smiley as i turned the corner and saw her! she is literally SO tiny in person! I said hi to her and what my name was and she said hi sweetie it's nice to meet you! we had our photo taken (it went so quickly so i'm dreading what the photo looks like so hopefully it'll be nice). I said to her i bought her a gift from a shop she liked and she said thank you so much sweetie! i said it was nice to meet you and she said you too! Robin was really rushing people in and out, but i was happy with the experience i knew what to expect and britney was sweet to me! i did not hug her as i didn't think it was right to she looked very shy! i think it's clear she's not really into the meet & greets tbh because she seems a super shy person and very anxious! britney was very polite and sweet! she made direct eye contact the whole time we were speaking and was not looking at security or anyone else (like other people have said had happened in previous m&gs), she was very sweet and respectful and made me feel like she was actually paying me attention and wanted to make effort!

all in all i enjoyed my experience :)everyone else seemed happy with their experience too! we were told to all wait till everyone had their photo done before we could leave so britney could check the photos! 30 seconds after the last person had their m&g the vip nation rep said time to go (so clearly photos had not been checked) we left the room and went to where the photos were took and there was no trace of anybody in the room! she must of ran the hell out of there straight after lmao!

now the actual show itself was AMAZING! she was on fire and i could not have had better seats! i was in block B right next to the catwalk near the front! i had the most amazing view! she looks SO SO beautiful in person! you can tell she is happiest when she is performing and seems a lot more comfortable than in M&G's! she was smiling the whole time and laughing and seemed to genuinely be enjoying performing! she was non-stop moving and her dancing was great! i've saw pom in vegas and manchester, but i much preferred the birmingham show!

during oops she looked right at me as i was right next to the catwalk and she looked at me and smiled and winked - life made!:pumped:

hope everyone else had an amazing time that went <3

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5 hours ago, Arckangel said:

@Osprey1464, @Egle92, one fan said that attending Piece of Me live, they could perceive a tiny layer of live vocals not quite audible in YouTube/Instagram videos. Could you at any moment, even for a short moment?

It may be wishful thinking on my part, but I'd like to believe Britney when she says it's a mixture of her voice and a little bit of playback. I never attended any of the Piece of Me concerts, but I've attended other shows incl. Circus and Femme Fatale, and there's so much noise, so much reverberation from the speakers, the walls, that there might be that live feel.

Apparently, it's not just one, but multiple backing tracks playing at once for a fuller effect.

I definitely didn’t hear any live vocals. Everytime she spoke she was screaming and sounded completely different and out of breath... The sound was pretty good where I was.. For instance, Pitbull was singing over the track, and it was obvious. That’s probably why people were cheering so much for him (and he was also interacting with the crowd).

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23 minutes ago, germanguy20 said:

Sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing a positive story :clap:

it was so good! she was super sweet! i didn't have the chance to say i met her in vegas too! even though robin tried to rush everyone, i think she was just doing her job as when i was leaving britney robin was nice and said to me to enjoy the show!

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