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That Britney is gone in terms of personality?

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I will always hate that **** for doing that to her. That was so hard to watch

I totally agree, she’s really become a different person. But that’s not a bad thing. I’m not the same person I was 10 years ago. Let’s just enjoy what she gave us during her career at the time, but it

Aww this was the Britney I grew up loving!  So many fab memories, i was 11 when BOMT came ouT. Used to love watching interviews like this 

I was less than a year old when this special was recorded. This year I’m graduating high school. It is as unreasonable to expect 36 year old Britney to act like 21 year old Britney as to expect 17 year old me to act like 1 year old me. She’s been through a lot, id be different too. Frankly, I’m grateful she still has the personality she does now. 

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2 minutes ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

I totally agree, she’s really become a different person. But that’s not a bad thing. I’m not the same person I was 10 years ago. It’s time that we enjoy what she Gabe’s us during her career at the time, but it’s time to let her go. I miss old Britney too.  

she has this Diva aura now, she was so calm collected, polite and nice back them, watching this doc gives me peace! 

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I think it depends on who she is with. This isnt from too long ago and she joking with him the way she joked in her early 20s



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Sadly yes, this is also the Britney I grew up idolizing. Not that I expect her to still be this person bc so much time has passed. Britney was just shy of 21 here. almost feels like a lifetime ago, both in terms of Britney and myself :crying3: 

I remember getting the Stages set for my 13th birthday and couldn’t stop watching, Britney was truly unstoppable at this time. I’m thankful we at least have some amazing footage/interviews/shows as memories. This one in particular! But it is  sad and hard not to miss this Britney. With that being said, it’s been like 15 years, and a lot has changed and while she definitely is much different than her old self in interviews, performances etc it’s important to remember how hard Britney struggled with the line between maintaining and stripping herself of her ‘Britney’ image. She doesn’t seem to want to be associated with this girl most of the time and you have to empathize with her, fame can seem so glorious from the outside but Britney really really struggled. She had to become more disconnected to protect herself and her privacy. With that being said, none of us can attest to Britney’s real personality, when she’s just home relaxing with her boys making her Instagram videos and doing other normal things. I like to imagine that it is very similar to this girl. A lot has changed but I am happy that Britney had her boys because that was the one thing she always wished for when she was interviewed even from the time she was so young, to be a mother. I think her boys bring her true happiness now as they should, as performing obviously doesn’t really seem to make her happy and proud like it once did. 

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Maybe THAT was just an illusion (a perfect illusion :crying4: ) but I like to believe she just hides this personality from the public and average people, and she's still the same with family and friends.

Of course she's changed, she's grown up, but her essence must be hidden somewhere behind that coat and black marker mascara.

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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She's definitely changed, but we see that one side of her where she's surrounded by people who she doesn't know and Brit obviously doesn't feel comfortable around strangers, meaning interviewers, reporters, etc. You can see her trying her best to get out of there as soon as possible. I often associate this with her behaviour around people...



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Usually, people talk more as they get older. For Britney, it's the reverse, she's quieter nowadays and only say a few lines or one word; "Really cool", "Yeah", "Very interesting", "That's cool".  It's like she had amnesia or something, and a new personality formed.

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The thing is... She seems immature. It would be better for her to grow up but I guess she prefers to live in a bubble (c-ship) and it's kind of uncomfortable, BUT her laywers, father or whatever are taking care of her so she can live her life without struggling with law and money stuff. I can understand that because my parents didn't teach me to be independent in life, so it's still f**king hard for me to manage sometimes, but I prefer not to live in a bubble and let them decide for me, because I choose my own destiny. She's a prisoner of her laziness and fear of being independent. For sure it would be tough to make decisions on her own, but the results of them would be more satisfying. There would be no Britney Jean fiasco, that's a simple example of a case she didn't really control. 

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