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What was thought process of the bbmas setlist

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Question what the hell was the thought process for the set list of the bbmas performance. Don’t get me wrong it was beautiful we got pre recordney danceney hotney beautifulney and newchoreoney but after taking a hiatus from televised performance why did she choose ilrnr boom and tomh to add to the setlist for her mega hits mix. In my opinion she should done floor choreo of wb the first dance break of slave and baby and oops and scrapped those other three songs cause it’s a mega mix or atleast skip bom and tomh cause ilrnr is still well know 

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I thought the same back then, I remember a rumoured set list was going around and it was the same set list as we got, but I wasn’t sure whether to believe it because some of her biggest hits such as Baby and Oops weren’t on it.

It’s probably better she added BOM and TOMH however, their choreos are generally better than Baby and Oops, even though the general public knows them more.

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