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MTV VMAs 2000 Performance Comes of Age!


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i swear to god i dont care what ANYONE says this is literally her best performance of all time. everyone always brings up the 2001 vma's but for me this one always topped it.  i dont know what it is. 

I watched this as it happened.  It took a good hour or so to pick my jaw up off the floor.  Phucking phenomenal, and hands down better than 2001 VMA.

The look you give when you know you just slayed and snatched everyone's wigs out

3 hours ago, umr3000 said:

Quite honestly one of the most entertaining and electrifying awards show performances I’ve ever seen. Truly an iconic performance. Britney at her peak.

This. Britney the Legend was born at this moment. This performance sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment world and set the bar so high. I remember it all so clearly, watching it live. There was a collective gasp from the audience when she ripped off that suit. Shook. The crowd erupted into applause immediately afterwards it was amazing! Ugh! This was Britney’s coronation. Queen! ??

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6 hours ago, portrait said:

I love the 2001 performance also, but not because of the snake... she looked phenomenal and danced incredible, the visuals were amazing too. everything was on point. 

I think it's really difficult to compare them, because they're so different from each other. both performances are on such high levels , for me it's still incomprehensible how a very young woman could appear with this attitude and sexiness 

That's what made it so ****. She was this young lolita, 18/19 years old in 2000/2001, and then BAM! It's like she's a grown woman by the time of the 2000 VMAs. Men liked her play between innocence and aggressive sexuality!

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17 hours ago, Captain Marvel said:



It's truly her best performance and a prime example as to why she was being compared to Madonna & Janet.  She wasn't trying to be ****, she was just being and sold the hell out of that routine.  Her hairograpy during this one is hands down my favorite.    She wasn't whipping or touching her hair as a nervous tick, it was fully utilized to enhance the performance.  Her final dance break on the floor is still a slay.  She's done variations of that move over the years but that one still remains her best.  


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3 hours ago, armokid77 said:

i still to this day cannot believe its no where online. it literally sounds better than the original. someone needs to hit up wade & see if they can convince him to let us have it :crying2:.

Wade made that mix ? :overwhelm: He is so iconic :overwhelm: we owe him so much :overwhelm:

the mix used on the 99 VMAs was used since the early BOMT tour/era days :whatitellu: Alex' leaked the mix himself

the 00 VMAs mix and the DWAD mix of OIDIA sounds very similar, but I think there was some other guy in charch of the mixing during DWAD :mhm: even tho Crazy was basicly the same since BOMT era too :scalped:

WHOever made them, I neeed them all for my living room tours :lessons:

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18 hours ago, armokid77 said:

See this is why no performance of Oops or any other Britney performance for that matter will ever touch this one.  The version of this performance on DWAD was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO weak compared to the VMA's thats why whenever anyone brings it up I cringe cuz I'm like biiitchhhh.... did you even watch the ACTUAL original :squintney:.

I couldn't agree more:  2000 VMA's Oops! <<< any other remix or performance.  

But I didn't mind her performance of it during the DWAD Tour, tbh, she still looked like a boss ***** doing it. 



1 hour ago, Khoazie said:







Her power, ugh, MTV News centered an entire special around this performance.  I had this on tape.   :overwhelm:

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2 minutes ago, Captain Marvel said:



Her power, ugh, MTV News centered an entire special around this performance.  I had this on tape.   :overwhelm:

Her power! The context and all the hype around this performance at the time. Riveting!

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2 hours ago, Captain Marvel said:

I couldn't agree more:  2000 VMA's Oops! <<< any other remix or performance.  

But I didn't mind her performance of it during the DWAD Tour, tbh, she still looked like a boss ***** doing it. 



Her power, ugh, MTV News centered an entire special around this performance.  I had this on tape.   :overwhelm:

DWAD HBO is frickin’ flawless!

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IMO this performance was and will always be Britney’s most memorable and iconic performance to me, THE one that made her transition from INNOCENTNEY into VMANEY the legend. Not only did it have a HUGE impact on her career, but also on the future of the VMAs. Maybe Britney had been claiming to not be that innocent before this, but up until this point she was saying it in a catsuit and it was just  different to everyone  :yeahhh:  Once she ripped off her clothes and said it it was real to the world who had seen her as that fine line between **** and untouchable school girl. 


I was only 10 in 2000 so I don’t really know what the actual expectation for Britney’s VMA performance was at the time, but I know that no one expected her to get on stage and do what she did. My expectations were quite high and my special edition TY Britney beanie babies were also in attendance with similar expectations as we witnessed this iconic moment live from the living room floor. VHS was all set up to record. For some reason I can remember watching this yet can’t remember anything significant from any of the trips I’ve taken to Disney World around the same time, just saying. :awkblink:


Initially I was confused about her outfit choice w/ the top hat, like didn’t really get it but it had me intrigued. My mom is behind me on the couch low key ruining this moment though talking about how I’m going to bed RIGHT after this is over but I’m so excited she’s singing Satisfaction and then BOOM Britney rips off her clothes. WE ARE BOTH SHOOK. Mom jumps up to shut off the TV because EVERYONE thought she was naked for a second, and I’m immediately stuck thinking how I couldn’t believe how she looked so close to being naked like that on TV. Pop stars didn’t just rip off their clothes like that on TV in the 90s, 

:cuteidk: especially ones whose audience consisted of primarily school aged girls at the time, but this was 2000ney and she would forever change the game. Naturally EVERYONE and their mother would have something to say about it. Britney was everywhere the very next day and the hate for felt realer than ever before, proving just how relevant she was. Can’t even imagine how difficult this all must have been to deal with at the age of 18, but with this performance she introduced an entire new persona, which was totally appropriate for her to want to do at her age, but also seems like a pretty risky move but had she not done this she would have had a very hard time connecting with her audience for much longer. She did it at just the right time, but no one could get over the initial shock of how unexpected it was and the world seemed more interested in her now than ever. I think that a lot of her success in the years that followed had a lot to do with the VMAs. It’s actually incredible that this type of transition actually worked out, and the most incredible part is not even that she was only 18, but that she also managed to discretely cover up a nip slip which just makes her so much more iconic. Name a pop star today who would have pulled this off :receipts2:  I’ll be waiting.

 But..... it’s Britney *****! What do you expect?

And yes yes of course SLAVE was another iconic performance (I got so sad inside when she said this is one of her regrets) and so was the kiss with Madonna but the 2000 VMAs paved the way for those to follow and she really had to do things that were so over the top because this was a really hard act to follow. 

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