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I love my brit but when she will stop with the Raccoon Eyes : (

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5 minutes ago, BOBIBCFBG said:

I think Britney would go. She talked about wanting to work with Justin a few years ago so I think she would be down. However, I see her being incredibly awkward and uncomfortable and it would probably be super weird.

Wrong thread sis

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1 hour ago, Winter _90 said:

I do not care that Britney has smoked eyes but that she puts them on properly and removes them correctly .

Yeah, that's the thing, she doesn't actually have smokey eyes these days. A smokey eye has several different shades and intensities, and requires lighter shadows in the corner of the eye and the brow bone (at a minimum). It also has to be very well blended. What Britney has been doing for years is merely a black eye, wherein she uses the same very dark pigment all over her lid. That's not flattering on anyone, ever, except during the occasional photoshoot, where the light can be manipulated both before and after the picture. During her prime, her smokey eyes always had the lighter shades in the corners and arches of the eye:

Image result for britney spears dark eye makeup

It takes an extra 15-30 seconds to add a lighter shade in these select spots and blend the rest accordingly, and it would make such a big difference (particularly in pictures taken relatively far away, like the M&Gs, where a completely black eye will wind up looking like receding holes in one's face). It's a bit baffling to me.

I mean, she apparently just told Vogue she likes to create a "goth" look, but that's quite at odds with her very blonde hair, dark tan, and little pink summer dresses. But then again, whatever makes her happy and confident is none of my business, really.

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