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Britney on "MOM" tv series


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There is this comedy tv show called "MOM" on cbs starring Anna Faris and Allison Janney. And it's hilarious!!

So, for month now I've been trying to convince cbs getting Britney on the show for an episode or two since she did amazing job on "How I Met Your Mother", "Will and Grace" and also "Jane ,The Virgin". I even got a thumb up from one of them at cbs.

I created this topic so I can ask all of you REAL FANS for support, go on MOM's insta: mom_cbs  and leave a comment below their last post saying "Pls get Britney Spears on the show" or anyhow you wanna say it. They starting to film new season and Britney will be finishing her tour soon and I'm sure she would take the offer.

I'm sure everyone would be super excited to see Britney back on TV show.

Thanks A Million!:kisses2all:

P.S. If you disagree or have some negative opinion to share, please don't say anything at all. Just leave the topic.

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The show is about a struggling alcohol addict with self control issues and a back and forth addicted mother that abandoned her as a kid.....

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6 hours ago, nerdygeekgrl said:

Ahhh, I wish this was mentioned back in July! I was at WB STUDIOS for a tour and during lunch our group saw Chuck Lorre (the creator)..... I could've mentioned this to him. 

Is it weird that i read: "...i was at the Work ***** studios..." before i realized it was Warner Bros? :imok::selenerz: lmao

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19 minutes ago, S0ggyBiscuit said:

I love "mom", but the content can be a lil too heavy for what britney can handle. Although this could be a good challenge for her.

I think she would do great, depends on what character they would give her to play.

for those who think it’s not right for Britney because it’s about alcoholism and stuff are wrong. I’m not talking about getting Lindsay Lohan on a show.

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On 8/15/2018 at 5:11 PM, Born2Die said:

I like the idea but Larry wont let that happen. They are all reformed **** addicts and alcoholics who spend a good portion of the show in AA meetings. Larry won't want people seeing Britney that way. I'd like her to go back to Will & Grace and reprise Amber Louise!

I could totally see her playing one of Jill's rich snobby friends and just being so funny. She doesnt have to be in recovery. I *****ng love MOM.

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