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Favorite Britney vocals


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So this is a topic that's probably been done a thousand times before, but Britney's voice has always been one of her most underrated qualities to me. I'm interested to know what songs you find that her vocals particularly shine in for you - either where she showcases her ability the most, or where you just really love how she sang on the track.

Sometimes - She sounds like an angel on this song. The belting ability, the falsetto/head voice - plus I just have an affinity for this song in general.

Thinkin' About You - Basically her vocal sweet spot, she just sounds so good on this.

Let Go - I've been obsessed with this song since it leaked and have shown it to many of my friends who doubted her, especially back in that period of time. Her voice isn't perfect, it's very raw, but she still sounds exactly as she should have - almost 10 years on from her debut.

Don't Hang Up - I know this is almost full-on "baby voice", but I have always really enjoyed the vibe of this song and her vocals are the perfect match.

Outta This World - The more romantic version of Don't Hang Up, I think these are my favorite vocals of Blackout by far. I don't think her falsetto has ever been more pleasing than here.

Honorable mentions: ... Baby One More Time, Born to Make You Happy, Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know, INAGNYAW, State of Grace

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