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Break the Ice appreciation thread

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 ATTENTION: no haters or complaining fans on this post. I want to connect with the people who shares my love for BTI and the performance of it in Piece of Me. 

I can’t believe I am finally gonna dance to one of my all time favorite Britney tracks tomorrow, and see her perform it live!!! It’s such a fan favorite and I don’t get why it was not performed before on tours. 

I love Break the Ice in the show. It’s super sassy, simpel and she looks like a BOSS *** QUEEN!


Btw Norway is ready for you Brit, a SOLD OUT 26 000 Telenor Arena!!:prettyney:

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Amazing song. I would lose it too!! And I actually love the new POM choreo for it when she’s feeling it. It reminds me a bit of circusney... I know ITZney is everyone’s go to, but there was just something so **** about her circus era!

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1 hour ago, jritney said:

My favorite Britney song!!! I wish I could see her perform it!

Have lots of fun for me and enjoy the night!

Oh, honey!! I will and I hope you get to see her do it live too one day soon. Its crazy to think she has not done it on the previous tours but finally she does.

Don’t care if its been on the setlist of Vegas for ages - its the first time she does it on a Britney tour I go to and I couldn’t be happier. Gonna go insane:pumped:

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