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Britney should of retired after Circus tour

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1 hour ago, Kisle said:

Ok since this is popping up in every thread, I need some clarification because I’m not understanding this mindset at all.

She should retire. Ok, but then we ALL no longer have anything to look forward to whether you love her or live to drag her, nothing to praise and nothing to ***** about. No reason to even be on exhell but to reminisce. I would much rather see my girl performing than not. That’s why I’m a fan - I love to see her perform. So if you hate what she does and long her whatever era you love, go watch YouTube I guess? She isn’t hurting anyone by performing.

She should take a long break. I don’t know how many of you have careers, but even being away from work for a couple of weeks for holidays can really derail you. I was just reading today about how Snow Patrol’s singer apologized for a performance because it was his first time live in 7 years and he was nervous as hell, and obviously it didn’t go well because of it. If Britney continues performing, it will help her feel more relaxed performing in front of an audience, which I believe is a big part of why she continues to tour.

She’s ruining her legacy/career. The girl could take a dump on stage in front of thousands and that act wouldn’t be able to remove her impact on millions of people’s lives and her influence on the pop music industry. It’s set in stone. This IS her career now, so how could it be ruined? It may not line up with what OTHER people want for her, but it’s a career nonetheless.

Go ahead and drag me. Everyone’s riding the ***** bus lately anyway.

I would pay to see Britney take a dump on stage, record it and then put it on DVD for my collection.  :awkblink:


But really, I’m such a huge Britney stan that I doubt there’s anything she could do that would stop my obsessive adoration. True she’s not as good of a performer, but I’m still greatly enjoying her career and work presently. I know she’s not all that anymore, but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s bern great and was literally on top of the music for years. I think throughout the rest of her career she’ll have more ups as well as more downs. You guys act like she’s thrown it all away, but this is just another point in time in her story. And of course she still enjoys performing and being up on stage for her fans, how could she not. We all have bad days, and she’s certainly no different. But there’s no need to ***** about it. If you live for B, just sit back and enjoy, and anticipate her next move. There’s great stuff coming next year, and I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. I’m s a big moment for her and I’m sure they’ve got something planned. 

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2 hours ago, Allmylife said:

Sorry but this is better than anything she’s done (in a live performance) since 2004 


I'm so sick of seeing this. I don't know what y'all keep applauding. It's the same strut-buttwipe-rapidfire-arm-movements-spazzing-with-no-real-choreo-boring-passed-around-every-dancer-in-cheap-lingerie crap she's now known for. I dare you to count how many times she reaches up over her head and grasps her wrists. The only part that's actually good is the old Slave choreo that she does barely a few seconds of and the assisted backflip. She has no real energy, not real passion, and the only time she genuinely smiles is when she flubs and exits the Toxic **** shimmey too early - oops! It's the most cohesive thing she's done, but I'd take her live performances of Make Me over this watered-down medley any day.

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I would agree but I do love FF the album. She shouldn't have toured with it though. Once she performed on GMA - her flop team should've realised she wasn't up to touring and not gone ahead with it. Money talks though :yeahsure:

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  • 1 year later...

Why was this thread bumped tnAzI0K.gif

anyways I don’t think she should have retired after Circus tour but FF era should have been postponed because she was clearly not ready. I mean the release of HIAM was an event, the song jumped straight to #1 on iTunes, broke airplay records and debuted at #1 on BBH100 with 411,000 copies sold, the most downloads sold by a female artist 1st week at the time. This just shows you that she had so much hype after Circus era. After that the promotional campaign was a mess, her abilities as a performer had heavily declined, FFT ended up being the least commercially successful tour of her career and although Femme Fatale is a good album, it’s very soulless and it’s clear she wasn’t involved at all with it. So much potential completely ruined :katycry:

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  • Deactivated

should have**

The C-ship shouldn't have taken place at all - she should have taken at least 1-2 years off to get stuff back in order, and then promote an album with a massive tour. Maybe keep 1-2 stand alone singles in those 1-2 years even if they were low key just to keep her "active" in the pop culture. A Circus/Femme Fatale mix could have come on 2009 or 2010 with a massive tour to back it up. Probably some of the Circus/FF songs would have never existed but that's ok, I can see a mix of them (plus maybe other new ones at the time) working out:

  • Circus
  • Till The World Ends
  • 3
  • Womanizer
  • Out From Under
  • Up N Down
  • How I Roll
  • Unusual You
  • If U Seek Amy
  • Trip To Your Heart
  • Amnesia
  • I Wanna Go


  • Criminal
  • Mannequin
  • Blur
  • Trouble For Me



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glory could have been a perfect era for her to retire after.Just imagine:


Love Me Down

Slumber Party


Man On The Moon 


Change your mind

Insane promo at award shows and interviews and performances at talk shows

A HUGE tour with major production and many props

and then she could retire if she wanted to.

But retiring while the last thing she did was the pom tour is simply unacceptable for her career.


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