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The Official Britney Spears Piece Of Me Tour Thread: Brighton, UK - August 4 (Brighton Pride)

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6 hours ago, I Always Sing Live said:



have fun though, dirt-cheap Britney tickets.. what a dream.. hope she puts in at least a little effort this time though I guess she isn't getting paid as much for this so what can one expect.. 

Britney doesn't care what she's being paid. She cares if it's televised or if she's been dragged, like last year's live singing debate

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7 minutes ago, I Always Sing Live said:

I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself..

while I do agree with the sentiment I do still stand by my statement that pride has lost it's meaning and that it's full of unnecessary debauchery.. it's just sad that since those characters are the most noticable they end up becoming what a lot of people associate the whole community with..

basically the same with activism and social justice.. the loudest (and usually dumbest) voices are the ones that get heard and a lot of people get turned off by the whole movement in turn.. it's kind of counter-productive..

Thanks a lot :)

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11 hours ago, I Always Sing Live said:

pride in general is embarrassing..

"muh rights" - proceeds to act like a clown on the streets oh and don't forget all the drinking (also PornHub has a lot of videos of guys having public *** during pride, not necessarily during the main parade but y'know)

"we want to be considered normal" - proceeds to arrive at pride wearing all leather and a dog leash.. or even better, old, nasty daddies in tutus like in the picture you provided..


but y'know.. let's not ruin the fun.. I'd be happy to get dirt-cheap Britney tix as well.. 

Maybe you should look up the point of it.....

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