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When were Britney's beauty peaks, in your opinion?

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Since we're all so obsessed with her appearance :) even though she's beautiful 100% of the time!

My opinion:

2000 (teenage/youthful beauty)


2002 (primeney)


2006 (post-pregnantney)


2008-09 (more mature, womanly, vulnerable, GLOWING)



2013 (she seemed so happy and youthful again after an admittedly rough 2011-12)


2016 (return to primeney body, giving us the original Britney attitude again)


2018 (matureney, seems young again, happy, awkwardly adorable)


What do you guys think?

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I think she was always beautiful. I really LOVE the way she looked in 2013, really pretty. In The Zone was an amazing era but i always thought she seemed tired. She seemed lost or sad... 2018ney is gorgeous as well. But if i had to pick one year, probably 2001-early 2002 cause it was the last year i felt she was REALLY happy. She was 19-20 after all.. Right before the drama started... 

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I'm not sure if I can answer the question with certain pictures for certain years. Britney's ALWAYS been beautiful to me. Yes, there might be times her makeup doesn't look that great or her extensions are messy. Still doesn't take away that she's an extremely attractive woman. 

I hope this part doesn't sound shallow. Britney was going through so much in 2007 that I doubt the way she looked even crossed her mind. It'd be like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic while it sank, that sorta thing. Anyway, I look at Britney in Gimme More and she looks stunning even through an awful time in her life. I look at the part towards the end when she swirls around the pole, has such a beautiful smile on her face and she does kind of a half wave to the camera. She looks absolutely stunning. 


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