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The Official Britney Spears Piece Of Me Tour Thread: New York City - July 23

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1 hour ago, Just Because said:

Yes!!!!!!!This will be the  “FIFTH  TIME” seeing POM.  I’m flying in from Toronto to see her and I can’t wait!!!!!! 

Make sure you get tickets!!!!!!  Don’t listen to what people say here.... The  show is amazing!!!!!!


I’ll probably faint as soon she comes on stage :unreal:

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3 minutes ago, naturalplayboy said:

This will be my fifth time seeing POM

I’ll be there on Monday night with my sister, orchestra 3 row Q.

any after parties? I know it’s Monday but I’m going to be off all week. Britney’s concert is the kickoff to my vacation.

I’ll probably suck off one of the dancers so I guess that counts as a private show !    :kiss:

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4 hours ago, Little Bit Dangerous said:

Me - spent a ridiculous amount of money for Row KK on Tuesday. Honestly, watching YouTube videos and seeing people on this forum complaining does not do it justice. Saw POM in Vegas one time (revamped show, before Glory) front row and it was honestly one of the best experience of my life - and I don't ever use absolutes.

Don’t listen to any of them!!!!!! You are going to love the show!!!!!!

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2 hours ago, Just Because said:

This form has become so negative lately.......the sad part is that most  people who complain have never seen the show. 

Can’t wait to watch our Princess again!!!!!  She is worth every cent and more. 

Lately? :yesplease: hasn’t it always been like this? I’m just worried I won’t get merch djdjxjdjd

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