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What’s going on with her here? Please answer.

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19 hours ago, STJ said:

She has severe strage fright anxiety.   Stage fright = normal, everybody has it, even Christina (a fellow veteran gets it at the beginning of her performance), but like you only get it at the beginning, once you start performing, adrenaline kicks in and you're supposed to feel energized and confident. 


But she literallly wears dental floss, but shes anxious .,. fls[fpow]




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14 hours ago, I Always Sing Live said:

this is sad, she really should retire.. it's so obvious she hates her job.. 2qi8l15.jpg

i dun think she hate her job.. she just need to find back the passion she had sometimes.

She just feeling the moves and she will dance a lot better but other time she just treat it as a job she have to do.

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On 7/20/2018 at 9:03 PM, Dreamer26 said:

Primeney doesn't have these weird hand movements. The main problem is  choreography I think. She has full of energy and excitement. But this basic af choreography is not matching her energy. So she doesn't know what to do with her energy. And these weird movements are result.

THANK YOU... at least somewhere here understands it.  

Looks how out of place everyone looks... the choreography is so basic and stupid now.  It's not catered to her or the dancers.  She doesn't feel comfortable doing nothing, especially when she's full of energy, so she does that movement to make it look like she's doing something.  I really hope they take the time to revamp all the choreography.  Based on that Janet Jackson choreo she did, it's obvious she still has the moves doing her classic style choreo (which is more natural and fluid to their body movements).  Mikey and her need to revamp all the choreo since they know what they're doing, and it would make them all feel passionate about it.

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She probably doesn't know what to do, because she doesn't have completely scheduled choreography. She has parts she does whatever it comes to her mind, and we have seen that. And many times those things that she does, and come to her mind,are totally the same to every song. One of them is this hand movement as well, as like the ...head movement..

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no big deal...everyone has ticks...she is nervous or keeping up with the rhythm and timing.. ANd the more you all talk about it , whine about it, and drag her for it , IT MAKES HER MORE NERVOUS...leave her alone...is this the only thing you have to do is tear e very part of her apart...she has every reason to be nervous...people have been awful to her since 2007...leave her alone and enjoy the show OR SONT WATCH IT!

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On 7/21/2018 at 3:45 AM, Crayboy said:


Please try and keep this an uplifting and not a negative thread. Around the «feels like no one else in the room part», her hand moves very weirdly, it’s Not normal, at least I don’t think so. Does anyone have a clue what’s Going on? Again try not to make this a negative thread, I Guess I’m just worried.

this is not the first time. Sometimes when she moves her both arms and hands fast during Work B we can tell ITS her, but like during this, what’s Actually happening.


hope you had a Nice day

she did great tho

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I'm not a doctor but this looks a little similiar:


And my bet is either extreme anxiety and/or adverse effecta of some medication. It might be just a nervous tic though.  Either way we should take in consideration she's struggling and doing extremely well given the circumstances. I just wish she'd address to us what's actually going on so we can stop worrying and shut down the trolls

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On 7/21/2018 at 1:57 AM, Daria said:

Get her off the f**king stage omfgg. This is so hard to watch. :wontcry:

She’s basically freaking out and has so much anxiety to th point her body is reacting to the nerves. Just my guess, but even then it doesn’t take a professional to see that something IS wrong and she looks like she doesn’t want to be there. 

Its sad that everyone is cheering and either not noticing or ignoring the way her body is reacting. It’s either a mental thing or she has some sort of early on set  Parkinson’s disease, which I doubt because she only acts like this on stage. 

Ffs she needs a long break and needs to discover herself again, that’s also implying there’s anything left of her.. :tear:

it’s all about MONEY when it comes to her and her team :weusay:



this to be honest... create as many drama as you want but this is the truth and facts. if you don't understand or get it, shut your mouth.

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