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The Top 21 Britney's sexiest songs

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Hello guys.

I wrote this absolutely subjective article about Britney's sexiest songs in my opinion. You may agree or not, but I want to share my thoughts with you, hoping that you will enjoy this. I'm also very curious to know your personal favourites, so let me know!

Here's my list with a small comment and a sample of the lyrics from that song:


21) TIK TIK BOOM [feat. T.I.] (from Britney Jean)

The most urban track off her most EDM album is a Blackout-style, T.I. assisted raunchy song about all the good things that come for those who wait.

Sexiest lyrics:

“Been thinking maybe could he

Make me scream his name and give me the right aim

Boy, can you tame these goodies?”


20) 3 (from The Singles Collection)

This Max Martin produced song is a cheek-n-tongue ode to threesomes (or even foursomes), so it comes naturally for it to be included in this list.

Sexiest lyrics:

“If you don't like the company

Let's just do it, you and me

You and me, or three

Or four, on the floor”


19) LACE AND LEATHER (from Circus)

Britney shows her dedication in pleasing her loved one in this Dr. Luke crafted track from her sixth album Circus.

Sexiest lyrics:

“Baby, take a seat

Eyes on me, this is my show

Your one and only pleasure

All decked in lace and leather”


18) TRIP TO YOUR HEART (from Femme Fatale)

One of the most chilled song in her Femme Fatale record is also the sexiest song of the bunch. Sexiest lyrics:

“For tonight, it's just the two of us

Dim the light now, just the two of us”


17) DO YOU WANNA COME OVER? (from Glory)

This song is not necessarily about ***, as Britney is fine with “being good and do next to nothing”. However, if you have the chance to come over her place, would you hesitate?

Sexiest lyrics:

“'Cuz all I want is what you want

And all you want is me”


16) (I GOT THAT) BOOM BOOM [feat. The Ying Yang Twins] (from In the Zone)

She got that boom boom that everybody wants and she is not afraid to show it in this crunk, southern-style cut from her graduation album In the Zone.

Sexiest lyrics - performed by  The Ying Yang Twins:

“She naked, she soaken wet

Strip tease like an hmm, dripping sweat

She got a little body that I can't forget”


15) BOYS (from Britney)

One of Britney’s first attempts at R’n’B is a funk song about, well… boys!

Sexiest lyrics:

“Those lips and your brown eyes

And the **** hair”


14) OVER TO YOU NOW (from Chaotic)

This relatively unknown song is a superb and subtle ode to the joys of **** ***. Do you need any other reason?

Sexiest lyrics:

“It’s kind of hard to find the entrance

You need some juice

But you’ll love it once you get in”


13) GIMME MORE (from Blackout)

Sultry vocals, straight-to-the-point lyrics and a dark and raunchy video made her 2007 comeback single a masterpiece that will be always remember.

Sexiest lyrics:

“You got me in a crazy position

If you're on a mission, you got my permission”


12) AND THEN WE KISS [JUNKIE XL REMIX] (from B in the Mix - The Remixes)

Britney touches herself thinking about her lover in this romantic and dreaming track. It may be about ***, but it’s one of her most romantic cut. Thanks to its soft electronic instrumental layer and Britney’s soft voice.

Sexiest lyrics:

“And then we kiss

Your love comes alive on my lips

I feel a rush

Coming over me”


11) SLUMBER PARTY (from Glory)

A slumber party goes wild in this reggae tinted piece from her latest effort Glory.

Sexiest lyrics:

“We use our bodies to make our own videos”



Spanish is the language of love, they say. And in this Spanish guitar-driven song Britney asks her lover to be less gentle and more wild - she wants him to take control!

Sexiest lyrics:

“Yo sé que me quieres tratar bien

Pero no seas cortés (no seas cortés)”


9) INVITATION (from Glory)

While this song may not necessarily be about *** there’s something mesmerizing and strangely erotic about the way Britney delivers her vocal performance. She is inviting us to visit her world, and she does this in the most charming way possible, giving us a smooth and **** ballad; perhaps her best since “Everytime”.

Sexiest lyrics:

“I just need you to trust me

Oh, that you see more with your eyes closed”


8) HEAVEN ON EARTH (from Blackout)

Everything about this track is ****: Britney’s sultry computerised voice, the dark electronic instrumental, the lyrics. One of the sexiest song, yet sweetest song on Earth.

Sexiest lyrics:

“The palest green I've ever seen, the color of your eyes

You're taking me so far away, one look and you stop time”


7) PERFECT LOVER (from Blackout)

A dark and steamy R’n’B song that is lyrically one of Britney raunchiest songs ever.

Sexiest lyrics:

Don't you wanna see my body naked?

I know that you like the way I shake it

And I hope that you can take it


6) TOUCH OF MY HAND (from In the Zone)

Probably the finest song ever about ************.

Sexiest lyrics:

“I'm all in my skin and I'm not going to wait

I'm into myself in the most precious way”


5) I’M A SLAVE 4 U (from Britney)

This Neptunes produced gem is Britney’s maturation single: she wasn’t a girl anymore, she was a woman willing to explore the pleasures of this world. The iconic and steamy music video is a prime example of what “being ****” means.

Sexiest lyrics:

“I’m a slave for you

I won’t deny it, I’m not trying to hide it”


4) PHONOGRAPHY (from Circus)

Outdated phones metaphors and a dark, “LoveGame”-esque vibe makes this Circus bonus track a sophisticated standout among Britney’s sexier songs. Also, “phonography” is phonetically similar to “pornography” and this is definitely not random.

Sexiest lyrics:

“Better make sure that the line is free

Keep it confidential, you and me

Phonography, phonography

Dirty talk, and call it phonography, hey!”


3) TOXIC (from In The Zone)

Given her huge catalog of **** songs, it’s no wonder that most of her most iconic hits fall into this category. This huge hit is a super **** anthem thanks to Britney’s sultry vocal performance, eastern-flavoured instrumental hook and futuristic music video.

Sexiest lyrics:

“With a taste of your lips, I'm on a ride

You're toxic, I'm slippin' under

With a taste of a poison paradise

I'm addicted to you”


2) GET NAKED (I GOT A PLAN) (from Blackout)

Thanks to its dark tone and raunchy lyrics, Blackout is easily one of Ms Spears most sensual album and this track is the sexiest of them all. I mean, just look at the title! A deep and distorted male voice gives the final touch to this sexiness-dripping masterpiece.

Sexiest lyrics:

“If you like what you see and your curiosity

Let your mind roam free

Won't you pay attention please?”


1) BREATHE ON ME (from In The Zone)

It’s no wonder that “Breathe on Me” is one of Britney’s favourite song to perform. It’s her sexier song ever; sultry yet delicate, passionate yet elegant. Simply sensual perfection.

Sexiest lyrics:

“One love united

Two bodies synchronizing

Don't even need to touch me

Baby, just breathe on me”

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8 hours ago, SamuelC said:

18) TRIP TO YOUR HEART (from Femme Fatale)

One of the most chilled song in her Femme Fatale record is also the sexiest song of the bunch. Sexiest lyrics:

“For tonight, it's just the two of us

Dim the light now, just the two of us”



:tiffanycries::crying1: this one brings back memories


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On 7/8/2018 at 3:54 PM, ♡♡♡ cheri the cutie ♡♡♡ said:



where is showdown? :cackling: ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

the tacky **** mess phonography but no don't hang up? :cackling: ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

u include myahney on tik tik b00m and trip to your **** but not those songs? hm:cackling: ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

boom boom...the banjo hillbilly mess...:cackling: ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

"i got that b00000m b000m" i can't. what a stupid f**king song lmfa0 :cackling:♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

replace i got that b000m b00m g00 with early mornin' :cackling: ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

i would even say 911 is better suited for this.... "list"..... and i hate that song. :cackling: ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

better than some of the songs u chose tho :cackling: ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡




This is the most extra thing I've ever seen in my entire life I'm peeing myself :crying3:

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