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Double Standards? (Thoughts on Lip Sync)

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9 minutes ago, Complication said:

1. No he didn't. He lipped to album vocals.

2. He was known for having a good voice for a child. As he got older, he wasn't taken seriously as a vocalist and seen more as a novelty act. It wasn't until he went solo and released Off The Wall that people started really recognizing his vocal talent. But even then, he was never a particularly amazing live singer. He was more of a studio singer.

3. He probably lip synced more than Britney considering the length of his career vs hers.

4. Because he's a male. Look at Janet. She has basically the same voice as MJ and many times danced more than him, and she was ripped apart for lip syncing and not having a voice like Whitney, etc, just like Britney did.

5. They'd have to be stupid if they didn't know. Half the time he'd miss cues, sing the wrong lyrics or not even wear a mic!

6. Michael did the same. 

But it was a different time. There weren't that many pop acts and people did not have that huge choice like today.

I'm quite sure they would have gotten tired of playback singing if all new comers would sing live and give similar choreography.

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In the 1990s and early 2000s lip-synching was kind of accepted. In the 2010s it is unacceptable and even singers with messy voices sing live now. Britney is the ONLY singer using 100% playback and it is ridiculous. She should step up her game and stop embarassing herself with 20 years old vocals.

she should at least prerecord everything and scream some words live throughout the show. It would be damn easy!

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I feel like if she addressed it instead of "I always sing live" every era, maybe she wouldn't get as much **** for it. With that said, every time I went to POM (especially during MATM), she would stop moving her mouth as soon as her back was to the audience and would sometimes make faces at her dancers which just shows that she doesn't take the flack seriously. I wouldn't either but gurl, at least give a pre-recorded vocal here and there. :tongueney:

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1 hour ago, brintyjoan said:

Kween!!! When will Brenda? 

I went to Janet's show last year and she blew me away. I thought she would have slowed down by now but she was so amazing. Her show was a full dance spectacle, the kind that we hadn't seen from Britney in a really, really long time. Janet's attitude was just so fierce. A true performer that loves what she does. You can tell! Makes such a difference. 

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My opinion about lipping... I can forgive you if you are full on dancing but pre-record your vocals first so we aren't literally listening to the CDs. And you should sing your ballads live, especially if you shorten them.

So basically there's no excuse for Britney but she's not full on dancing. I don't think Britney can sing live. The few times she's attempted it, she usually doesn't sound good. It's just kind of further proof that her voice is heavily edited with computers in the studio. There's no other explanation. 

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The problem is not that Britney does playback, the problem is that she never proved she could actually sing. :nyschool:


If she sang once in a while at huge events, not even the 100% of her shows, just important appearances like the BBMA's, Grammy of VMAs we could have the proof that she can sing despite the fact she still does playback 100% of her shows but no, the girl doesn't even bother to do such thing, yet she gets upset because she doesn't get enough credit for using 20 year old vocals :notatall:


Brinti I love you but please, go back to earth :ririshade2:

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3 hours ago, bananathesnake said:

Don't even get me started on Beyonka. I have no idea how she gets away with lipping and zumba and is treated like a living legend. 

Right? It’s like people actually appreciate effort in performances! How weird?!  :beysip:

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8 hours ago, bananathesnake said:

Ok so I'm a big big gigantic Michael Jackson fan. For years now, for some 10+ years. And I can't really help but notice some similarities between his career and Britney's. But even though media destroyed both for their offstage actions, not only I never really seen Michael's showmanship questioned, but also I feel ever since he died he became some sort of deity for everyone suddenly, which you're not allowed to even criticize. Thing is, during his 96-98 HIStory tour, even for most part of Dangerous and second leg of Bad Tour, Michael abused lip sync exhaustively. Not to mention his live singing was never really pair with the studio recordings. But I never ever seen anyone make a big deal about it like, ever. Granted, he'd always put on a great show, energetic and full of dance, but hey, Britney did that too from BOMT to ITZ, and got lots **** for all of that ever since that time, pre breakdown. Do you think it's because she was too 'early' at her career to do so, because she wasn't as old as Michael when he started lipping or plain because she was a female? Like, even for some of us fans, would we act the same if Britney was a hot guy doing lip sync? Discuss :sneer:

A lot of people did question MJ. Even by his fans. He started to mime a lot since Dangerous World Tour. But at the same time, a lot of people were not bothered that much because he has proven his vocal live singing since Motown years. By Dangerous era, majority of people saw him more of a performer than a vocalist alone. Total package. Theatrical performance, charismatic dancing etc. Also he was the King of Pop. So he gets away with miming. 

When MJ came by to my country for History World Tour, audience and concert promoter were surprised that he mimed most of the songs. But he gets away because of his concert was again, theatrical. I was like. really Mike? Miming? But I gave him a pass because he sang few songs live and the concert was highly entertaining. But not a match to Bad and Dangerous World Tour. History's vibe was one level down due to too much miming. 

I was happy when MJ sang live during his This Is It concert rehearsal. Got the chance to hear the man singing live one last time. 

I doubt it is due to Britney being a female. Madonna and Janet don't get flak with miming to the level of Britney because they have proven to sing live when necessary. And they give their all while performing. I'm not a big fan of Madonna and Janet but even I know they able to carry live singing. Britney, not so much. 

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6 hours ago, Godney's Sweet *** said:


Janet was in her mid 30s when she performed like that. 


When will Currentney?  :kyliecry:


she didn't have a public breakdown and

she wasn't hospitalized on 5150 hold 2 times. 

and didn't take heavy medication.

britney basically just recovered from all that madness she lived thru. 

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7 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:
  1. Britney saying stuff iike "I always sing live" and demanding more respect make her even more of a joke.

I must admit i was slightly disappointed when she said that. just like... come the **** on lol, i thought she was more genuine in that regard. i always thought she was of the mindset that she knows we know and just doesn't care. i much prefer that to her trying to lie about it as if were mentally and audibly challenged.

i guess maybe she was forced to address it cause of media coverage prior to her live shows in asia, but still, it was off-putting,

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6 hours ago, bananathesnake said:

Sadly, all true, except for Janet outdancing him. Never happened sis. Specially because much of her style came from him (although she was also a source of inspiration for some of his stuff). But I always feel he got a much bigger pass and had his stage flaws overlooked than her, unfairly. 

MJ was obviously the better dancer, but he also did a lot of freestyle on tour and didn't always have to push himself by learning tightly choreographed routines for every song. I've seen MJ, Janet and The Jacksons live, and Janet's show had by far the most dancing. It wasn't always harder, but there was more of it.

Anyway, Britney and Janet need to team up and do a Timberlake diss track. 

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She never sings though. I think ppl wouldn’t care if she actually did more often or once in awhile. She got on the VMAs stage and still lipped somebody else’s song! It’s a joke and she won’t even sing her own ballads now. Ppl can say whatever about any other artist, but up until her Instagram postings and her breaking out into song at Vegas, we had no clue what her actual voice sounded like in like eight years (excluding happy birthday). And idk why ppl think there’s a comparison to what other artists do. Pre-records for some shows doesn’t equal ppl not knowing how your actual voice sounds at all for a decade. :-/ and her carpool episode compared to others made it seem like she doesn’t even like her own music to care to sing it soo..

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