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MNEK Praises Britney's Song “Boys”


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For the Billboard pride series. Playlist included.


Britney Spears, “Boys” (Co-Ed Remix)

For a lot of songs around this era, you have to be specific about what version you're putting on there. There were so many versions: single versions, studio versions. Pharrell, I look up to him -- he’s someone who does it all, and I want to do the same. Britney is a gay icon.


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4 minutes ago, Marcanthony said:

Omg i totally forgot about this. Why on earth did she think that global warming is a good thing? I need answers


I can recall that she was doing and interview and she answered two questions at once. Some one asked her that if she thinks about Global warning, cause she/someone thought it was a cool thing. And other person asked about what she thought about lady Gaga. It’s not weird, if you know the context about this tweet :flop:

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2 minutes ago, Marcanthony said:

 Why on earth did she think that global warming is a good thing? I need answers

Actually she didn't think global warming was a good thing. It's taken out of context. She was doing a twitter Q&A for Femme Fatale and she was talking about Madonna and Gaga though out and and that tweet was a response to someone asking her about global warming and they threw in a question about Gaga at the end. Britney's tweet was asking a rhetorical question. 

Also this was back when Twitter were testing out the 280 character update, so her her SM manager was able to put both answers in one tweet. 



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