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Alice Bolin about ‘Dead Girls’


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On ‘Dead Girls,’ Scammers, And The American Obsession With Britney Spears



 I think Britney Spears, especially, looms over the collection. She's in several of the essays, and she's one I think of as a living dead girl, or someone for whom our obsession with female bodies, with sort of this Madonna-***** complex, and with fallen women really wreaked havoc and constrained her freedom—but it's also given her the success that she has now. She's a person who I see as exemplifying this metaphorical dead girl. So, then people like Alexis Neiers [from The Bling Ring] or Lana Del Rey, I see sort of in a Britney tradition or as little Britneys. 


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16 minutes ago, Spongbob said:

I don't understand:watrusayin::xfactorlook::orangu::decisions:

It's intelectualsy fartsy :thinkney: Most important thang; Britney was again inspiration for someone, that book may be interesting, author likes crimes:paper:, it's like part of american culture :surething:with Brit.

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