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Why do gay men love Britney?


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Serious question. I always have people asking me why I love her. They say things like 'If you don't want to sleep with her, I don't get why you love her so much.' 

I usually get stumped up and just say I love her music. But let's be real, most of us gays do think Britney can be **** as hell, without actually getting turned on by her. 

So, why do gay men love Britney so much? Clearly, there's plenty of users here who can help me come to a logical conclusion :mcorangu:

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3 minutes ago, Godney's Sweet *** said:

Because we grew up with her :tifftear:


And she's a living legend :queenflopga:


And she's faced hard times just like us :mcry:


And also because she is a performer. She is a mom. She is funny. She is our friend. She is Britney Jean :mcorangu:

Pretty much this

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My theory is that its all about the unfathomable power of a woman...  some men fear it, some men respect it, religious men try to suppress it, gay men obviously worship it, esp the effect it has over men. Its something we wish we had or at thr very least relate to it. Different generations have different icons... Judy Garland, Sophia Lauren, Liza Manelli, Madonna, Janet, Whitney, Tina, Cher, Britney, Gaga, Beyonce... Britney has a special place in our hearts because we watched her being **** on in a way weve been **** on. 

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51 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:

They say things like 'If you don't want to sleep with her, I don't get why you love her so much.'

Yeah because you can only stan a female if you want to do her :nochillbrit: Masculinity is so f**king Toxic.mp3

Anyway, I stan her because she's the best performer the world has ever seen. It's a pleasure to watch her do her thing. And even more her smile at the end of every one of her performances :yasqueen:

And the bops of course. THE BOPS :tysm:

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The first reason is that she’s great and everybody loves her (loved her).. but gp loves to tear people apart. Britney always was an easy target.. so my theory is the bullying thing.. we can easily realise when someone is treated like trash for no reason.. and that the thing gay people and Britneys persona are realited to.. so it makes a long term friendship between thouse two :mhmnod:

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I feel like we tend to gravitate towards glitter, colours and fierceness in general because the life of a queer person is still pretty hard, so we look for some positivity and confidence in art. In the music context female divas are the epitome of all that, so yeah, I've always thought that that might be one explanation. This subject seems like something you could speak about for ages, it's pretty deep :outwithit:

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