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through the storm


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I have to admit that this is a big flopfan moment for me ... I've never read it... 

please forgive me :tiffanycries: but I ordered it and I have it now. 

first thought: the layout looks so cheap, jesus.... 

second thought: mother of jamie lynn, bryan, and britney spears... :jlostare:  

how was your experience with the book?? 



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That book is complete trash, horribly written and I’m shocked since she’s a school teacher and it’s just her trying to paint herself as the victim. No respect for her after reading it, only made me love and respect Britney even more for how strong of human being she is. Lynne threw her into the sharks and left when it’s convenient for her. No wonder Britney wanted so desperately to be a good mother and to always be there for her boys because her own mother didn’t. The book is filled with excuses to justify her actions. It disgusts me reading it. 

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I enjoyed it, I've always loved Lynne and believed that she only wants the best for her whole family. I didn't get too much new information but it was interesting to read it from her point of view. Basically Sam Lufti is just a pos and Britney was going through a lot and wasn't strong enough to fight off an abusive user like that. She really went through hell with Sam according to the book.

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I may be the only one who actually like it. Of course she didn't sell out Britney, I bet she didn't write anything Britney didn't agree on, and especially not Jamie Lynn, so that is bullshit to claim she sold them out.

Maybe it's because im almost 30 years old and have friends who have experienced a lot of crap, but their friends and families just couldn't interfere all the time. At some point, you got to see your kids is grown up and you can't do anything, especially when your kid tells you to stay away.

But I'm also the only person who believe Britney wasn't rational...

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ive never read it either. ive thought about it many of times but never got round to it. I did feel uncomfortable with the fact she released it not long after britneys breakdown and kind of thought she should've waited a bit longer to release it. I also couldn't shake the feeling that it was more for her own gain  and to prove shes not a horrible mother then it  was to gain britney

I did read the book she wrote with Britney - Heart to Heart. that was a good book

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