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I'm so done with Britney and her flop team


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I can't believe that Britney didn't release Apple pie. I mean the Twitter insiders can't be wrong. Britney must have pushed back the release because we found out the plan. I can't believe it didn't happen even though nothing was confirmed and it was all speculation. Because of my stupidity I am now made at Britney for no reason when she did nothing wrong because she didn't release this make believe buzz single.

I officially am turning in my stan card




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It’s been an exhausting week. But it has been exciting. And you know Jordan is happy cuz the rumors and meltdowns have brought a lot of traffic to BH. Slay I guess, but I just want a new tune though.  :ririshade2:

I think it’s time for me to go to bed. Night night sisters, I gotta be up for work soon. Totally gonna check back on iTunes and YouTube in the morning though, never know...  :ririshade2:

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