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What if Pitbulls announcement was a distraction?

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To get people to forget about Apple Pie I mean it’s never been confirmed at all and Britney doesn’t deserve the hate for something that may never have been a thing not being a thing. 

Maybe her team told Pitbull to make the announcement to distract from the mess that is the Apple thing rumour :nochillbrit:

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Why do you do this to yourself?

Wgen has Britbet’s team ever done anything so intricate? Announcing a song on an unknown radio station is in no way part of a bigger plan.

Maybe she is releasing a song, but if she’s not, it’s the fault of fans who put stock in her random emojis and lonely twitter ******** looking attention.

We have been at this point SO MANY TIMES. Expect nothing and let surprises be surprises. 

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