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Do Somethin' x Knee Injury x Dancing


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I've thought about this a couple times, not sure if AP or not. But anyways.
Britney's sudden loss of incredible dancing ability always intrigued me, considering how good she was back then. Most will attribute the loss to her knee injury thing. But, correct me if i'm wrong, Do Somethin' video was recorded and released after all of that mess, wasn't it? If so, why is that in here I still see the fire in her eyes, the technique, the passion for dancing, great moves and then they were never really seen again? :slowdown:

I mean, looking back now she does look somewhat different than ITZney when it comes to performing, but still slayed big time. Lately i've been thinking what happened to all her skills, being into dancing myself I can assure technique and talent like that simply doesn't vanish with time, even considering the amount of years she was away, the breakdown...this all seems very strange to me. I've been asking myself if she's become a victim of some disease since then that cause her stiffness, is actually doing the best she can and we're all here judging her stiffness :idkney:

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I’ve always loved this video and it’s always been overlooked and is severely under appreciated. This is easily the sassiest she’s been in a video and it has an edginess to it that I just love. She doesn’t dance as much in it, but she brings a ton of energy and personality! 

I think to answer your question, she just slowly started to get burned out and over time lost a lot of the passion she had early in her career. When the press started just consistently tearing her down and the paparazzi began hounding her 24/7 she just slowly did not care anymore. 

I think performing will always be a big part of her life and I honestly believe she can still dance well when she chooses to, but she just just does not choose to put in the time and effort anymore to dance with the accuracy and precision she did in her prime. I do think she has taken medication that made her more stiff, but I truly believe it’s mainky because she has lost teqnique from a lack of practice. 

She is still FIRE and better than most pop starts today! Easily. 

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The skills are there, nowadays she's still perfectly capable of dancing in the right way, she just doesn't for whatever reason. I think that after spending four years performing nonstop she's gotten too used to being on stage and she doesn't think about doing her best or executing the moves properly, she just has fun and dances "for herself" and not for an audience, if that makes sense. Notice how in 2016, when she first premiered the revamped POM, at the BBMA's and at the VMA's she was suddenly fluid, sharp and accurate, that was because she was challenged to do new stuff or to be on a different stage, in front of a different audience. I think that, despite what many people think, what works best for Britney is to be under a little bit of pressure, it's when she feels like she needs to make an effort.

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Its not her knee.

She injured her knee doing a pirouette do you really think that if she had problems with her knee she would continue doing them?? POM has the most priouettes she has ever had in a show. + when you wear heels your weight isnt distributed as well on your feet and you put a lot more pressure on your knee. If she had knee issues those shoes would be the first thing to go. Also someone with knee issues wouldnt do the amount of squatting down that she does.

Imo the very noticible lack of rehersals, lack of care and passion (that is also reflected in her hair, makup and costumes) are the biggest problem. That and the fact that she kind of lost "the feel" for music. She lost all her smoothness and effortlessness and now just always looks stiff and unprepared. She used to have so many detailed movements in her wrist, fingers, hips,.. thats he just dropped and because of that she looks like a beginner imitating Britney Spears.

Also she has no problem doing leg choreo she just has a problem doing whole body choreo. Its either her arms or her legs rarely both and if she does do both its sloppy.

I mean really look at her hands, wrists and her hips and belly. Even just simle things like bending down all the way on the floor make it so much more special. in this part:

vs here.

no energy, no passion, just going through the motions and just.. sad.


and them MATM


I know a lot of people think that the way she does matm now is fine but to me if you compare them you can see how little she moves her upper body and instead she just hops up and down like a bunny.

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I actually think its good that she took a 3 year break from performing after her injury. It probably helped her in the long run. If she wouldnt have gotten pregnant and had resceduled her tour soon after she would have probably ended up being in pain and probably hurting it again. Injuries take time to heal (like she said in an interview a year after the injury that its not right yet) and its great that she not only probably had the best surgeons but also 3 whole years of resting time and then slowly got back to it with Circus.

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Just now, Complication said:

Did you just completely forget about the Mannequin rehearsal, Circus MV... like, using Do Somethin as an example of her dancing instead of those is odd. :slowdown:


Just now, The Greatest Show said:

i think the OP specificallly mentioned DS because it was so short after her injury wheras Mannequin and Circus were 4 years later

This, and the fact the spark was already gone during Circus era. Circus MV choreo is small and has too much editing to make it look great. The rehearsal perhaps, but still a different attitude than Do Something. Not to mention it got scrapped anyway :gimmemoar:

Even Circus tour seems like it was made so there were lots of props, effects,song remixes and elements so she'd be carried and dragged around in place of doing actual choreo. It gave us golden performances such as Piece of Me, but also trash like Slave and Boys 

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12 minutes ago, Herumbra said:

i am pretty satisfied with britney right now.


1 minute ago, troubleguy said:

no the last real choreo was mannequin secret video rehearsal!

i think either pretends to be like stiff or not caring at all the technics :mhm: 

lol she hasnt been pretending to be stiff for a decade... she is f**king stiff. Not enough rehersals or lack of care will do that.

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